More to come just getting started

Brought to you by the West Seattle Barbell Club

5 Responses to “More to come just getting started”

  1. ricepattielegs Says:

    heck yes!

  2. That ain’t old country strong, that’s motherland strong right there.

  3. NoBullBodacious Says:

    THAT is slap your Great Great Great GREAT Russian Grandma from the Old Country Strong!

    The start of a new old era….love it!

    ….and here we go!

  4. NinjaCak Says:

    Fine, I guess an awesome moniker like “The Powerplant” will have to forever remain in reference to my manly parts. What a waste…

  5. Thorenstein a.k.a. The Hebrew Hammer Says:

    a.k.a. Joel the Met-Ho a.k.a. Airman Schnickelfritz is here… droppin’ bombs on your moms. Get Some.

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