Gotta have Goals

In our gym, like many others, we have a goal board. The lists that individuals have posted are quite varied. Some want to hit a certain max lift, others a certain time on a workout. Some have listed a combination of  several of these goals.

It doesn’t stop there –  other objectives include: goal bodyweights, how many times someone will make it into the gym, or simply “still being here next year”.

The funny thing is, no one has listed goals that go on outside the gym walls. We have a number of athletes who are training for events and those individuals training with a end goal in mind. It’s like Johnny always yells at us before a big lift “see it in your mind!”

I always use to write down something before I was gonna go for it, but I for some reason, have stopped doing that.  I didn’t even write down qualify for Regionals before this last sectionals. I have plenty of my goals listed on the walls of CFWS, but none for my personal targets outside the gym.  How about you? I don’t see anything like “pass my physical”, or “win my next fight”, or even “make the Barbell Club” up on our wall.

So, that being said, I have a goal in mind that I’d like to share. In the old strong man days a potential trainee was not even allowed to begin under his coach until he completed a simple task. He had to be able to perform a turkish getup with a hundred pounds with each arm. Well, I’ve done that. I’ve even got up and landed 135 and stood up with 155 (both of these were willing female volunteers, I sure love my job sometimes). But there is something that has crushed me before in the kettlebell world. The Beast Tamer challenge…

I attempted this blindly without even really knowing what it was at my RKC certification, and its a challenge I now feel I must conquer. So if you currently reside at CFWS or ever step inside it’s walls you will notice a new addition. A 106 pound kettlebell now sits by the rack. It’s my goal to bring home the title of Beast Tamer some day.

Goals are key and make training that much more enjoyable when you achieve them. So, it’s good to have established goals that take place both in the gym and outside of your gym as well. The BEAST Tamer Challenge is listed below and it’s my new unicorn. I hope this gets some of you motivated to take on some challenges of your own.

THE BEAST, only a chosen handful of the strong can either press THE BEAST, or do a pistol with THE BEAST or perform a strict weighted tactical pullup with THE BEAST…

It takes tremendous overall strength to achieve all three lifts…  And so far, only 13 RKCs have officially accomplished that impressive feat and been inducted into the BEAST Tamer Hall of Fame:

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3 Responses to “Gotta have Goals”

  1. “It’s only a dream until you write it down, then it becomes a goal.” Emmitt Smith. Emmitt Smith wrote down goals every year, in high school, in college, in the NFL, and even now writes downs his goals. This does not only apply to athletics, but to every facet of life.

  2. Good article on what it’s like to be at a powerlifting meet, speaking of someone’s potential desire to compete in something, funny as shit too.

  3. That Pistol looks beastly. Grambo- I too am becoming a believer in mustached powerlifting. If we rock that look as a team for the regional it would be good for #10-#15 per lift.

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