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It’s not about money… it’s about sending a message.

Posted in Athletes on April 3, 2010 by oldcountrystrong

Thought I’d throw a quick post up today for you guys. This one has to do with the athlete in the videos below. Meet Travis Harrison – he is definitely Old Country Strong.  As you can see in the second video, the boy trains in a barn – it doesn’t get much more old school than that. I kept waiting for “Hearts on Fire” from Rocky 4 to be playing in the background. I first heard about Travis on the Crossfit Football board, I was doing the program at the time when that monster number of his got laid out. It was hard to believe until he got called out about it and did it again… FASTER on video.  Sure his pullups don’t exactly count – but I’m more impressed with his thrusters. Those are REALLY FAST!

The other reason I’m posting this is because of the statement he made at his sectionals. In the first video with the “max ground to overhead,” Travis sent a message. He was 40 pounds ahead of the field, so what he do? He goes up another 15 pounds. Travis is a Crossfit Football guy and the program CFWS affiliate team has been following is very similar to CFF.  There was a lot of talk leading up to the sectionals if CFF athletes would do well or not.

Travis had a rough time on the first workout, but come on – it was “row a 1k, then run up a mountain.” There aren’t a lot of big guys that’d like that. But then he rallied back to take second in two of the workouts and win the “ground to overhead.” Travis showed what a barbell heavy program will do – it will get you strong… And also have a neck like a bowling ball, which is pretty sweet.

Travis is video #5

The infamous Gorda Fran response, love the gym