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Oh the beauty of online competion…

Posted in Competition on April 6, 2010 by oldcountrystrong

Here  is something interesting I found on Australian KettleBells Blog. I’m still very focused on the Crossfit Northwest Regionals that are coming up so no worries. But with my aspirations of becoming a Beast Tamer now, this seems to be another thing to get into my training when the Crossfit season is over. Well this and training for that Crossfit’s Strongest Man rumor I’ve heard buzzing.

The kettlebell strongman/woman competition is a brand new, and very exciting, addition to competitive kettlebell lifting.   We would like to invite everyone from around the world who has a passion for kettlebells to participate in this virtual competition that we’re organising.

Most of you have probably seen Valery Fedorenko’s impressive work with heavy bells, now it’s your turn to give it a shot!

– Here’s a video I like of Fedorenko in case you guys were wondering who he was. – Z

Ok, so what is the strongman comp?

Here’s what I can tell you about the new sport so far:

-NO Weight-Classes!
-ONE Kettlebell contest!
-TWO lifts, Jerk followed by Clean!
-FOUR minute “fast” sets, only one switch of hands!
-HEAVY Pro-Grade Kettlebells used!
-STRICT Judging for maximum safety and fairness!
-RANK SYSTEM Worldwide with online video submission!

Some words from the Champ…

“Kettlebell StrongMan (and StrongWoman) Sport has the potential to outgrow traditional Kettlebell Sport and I’ll tell you why. First, it’s more tolerant of a wide variety of body-types because the lifter uses only one bell. No more excuses from guys about not being able to reach the hip! Second, it’s using a heavier bell range, which leans things towards the STRENGTH side of Strength-Endurance. Third, it’s a shorter set of 4 minutes, not 10. This moves things along faster, allowing more competitors and more excitement for the spectators. Of course I will always have love for my Sport [Kettlebell Sport] but I created StrongMan (and Woman) Sport to open the floodgates on the Worlds greatest Fitness tool. I hope you have found your new Sport!” -Valery Fedorenko

Posted by: Z