Johnny Pain…

Here is a sick video from GreySkull Elite Strength and Conditioning. This is John Scheaffer’s gym (also known as Johnny Pain), a regular at Coach Rip’s Starting Strength certifications and all around awesome coach. When my training partner Johnny hurt his knee, I got in contact with John for advise.  He sat on the phone with me for over a hour (I was a complete stranger at the time) advising me on a bench program for Johnny. I’ve followed his work for sometime now, back as far when GreySkull was a crossfit box.  A link to John’s gym can be found on the right, they move big weight out there.

And if you’ve worked to improve your bench with me at all then you know these.  Thanks John, “Big Back, Big Bench”

Posted by:  Z

3 Responses to “Johnny Pain…”

  1. For some reason I hear that Johnny Cash song everywhere I go.

    I read this article from GreySkull when I first started CF, John makes a lot of good points and really makes me appreciate how lucky we are to have Z.

    I’m ready to bench.

  2. Yeah that article is also posted on our main gym blog as well. Take in mind that I talked to John about programming after he wrote this. He had already stated his feelings on Crossfit, and knew I ran a Crossfit gym. He still took the time to help me out and actually followed up with me to make sure things were going well. He’s a really great guy, and if I lived out there I’d definitely be spending lots of time at GreySkull learning more from him.

  3. Hmm, lots of benching and pressing, two of my strong suits. Where is this gym again?

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