What Do You Do In Between

There are gyms and than there are GYMs. Monster Garage Gym, http://www.monstergaragegym.com/ ,is the latter.  Located in Waukegan, IL, the gym is a hardcore gym for powerlifters , strength atheletes, and those who wish to push themselves. For people looking for chains, bands, quality squatters, people to help with their bench shirts, and to train with other people who get it. As my brother would elegantly put it, this is a serious pipehitting gym.

This hardcore lifting philosophy is instilled by the co-owners of the gym, Eric Maroscher and Phillip Daniels. Eric Maroscher is a two time WPC World Powerlifting Champion, two time APF National Powerlifting Champion, WPC North American Powerlifting Champion, as well as other numerous titles. Maroscher is a Master I lifter in the 100KG Division with PRs in the division of a 805 Squat, 460 Bench,  671 Deadlift , 1826 Total. He also runs the Maroscher Powerlifting Team, whose website http://www.maroscher.com/ has many good articles on getting strong..  A great interview with Eric can be found here, http://www.criticalbench.com/Eric-Maroscher.htm . Phillips Daniels may be familiar to Seahawk, Bears, and Redskins fan as a 14 year NFL veteran at Defensive End who has amassed 60 sacks in his career. Daniels was first exposed to powerlifting when playing with the Seattle Seahawks as Louie Simmons worked with that team on the Westside Method. At 6’6″, 300LBS and 12% body fat, Daniels has a 722 LB single ply squat and 633 LB deadlift in competition to his credit.

If that is not enough here to convince you, here is some gym training footage.

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