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Who doesn’t try world records in practice…

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Svend “Viking” Karlsen was born October 6, 1967 in Norway. Svend wanted to be a best at everything he did from a very young age. He happily admits that he wanted to be just like Arnold and actually began working out seriously at the age of 14 to achieve that goal. While training he was realized his inherent strength and started to focus on powerlifting. The first time Svend tried Squat, Bench-press, and Dead lift he did 330 lbs (150kg), 220 lbs (100kg), 330 lbs (150kg). In 1986 Svend started to compete in powerlifting competitions and began to break numerous records. Svend during his time as competitive powerlifter broke 30 Norwegian records, 3 European records and 1 world record, won the Norwegian championship 3 times, the Nordic Championship and took third in both the European and the World Championships.

After power lifting Svend decided to proceed with first childhood ambition of bodybuilding. Competing as a heavyweight, Svend won the Norwegian championships and in 1993 placed second in the World Games, earning his pro card. Svend competed in several professional shows before retiring from an injury.

After the end of his bodybuilding career Svend was encouraged to start to participate in strongman competitions. Svend competed in one of the 1996 qualifying heats and narrowly missed qualifying for the 1996 World’s Strongest Man finals. In 1997, Svend made it to the finals, but during the warm-up for the squat event, he tore his hamstring and had to withdraw from the rest of the contest. Svend returned in 1999, finishing in third place, and finished in second place in 2000. Svend finally became victorious at the 2001 World’s Strongest Man competition. Other notable Strongman titles Svend won include Europe’s Strongest Man 2001, 3 time runner-up at the Arnold Strongman Classic 2002-04, and 2 time Norway’s Strongest Man in 2003 and 2006. Svend is the second athlete inducted into the World’s Strongest Man Hall of Fame in 2010.

Now retired, Svend runs the Viking Power Challenge event in Norway, which is part of the Giants Live tour for qualification into the World’s Strongest Man event. Oh he also finds time to continue to train. How about  a 704 lb (320 kg) deadlift with not too much training?  Or a 374 lb (170 kg) close grip bench press? Or 110 lbs (50 kg) x 8 alternate dumbbell curl?  Not enough?  Svend hopes to deadlift 704 lbs (320 kg) x 4, then 748 lbs (340 kg) x 4 . . . on his way to 880 lbs ( 400 kg) x 1 this summer. Viking Power indeed.


Height: 6’2”

Competition Weight: 300 lbs (135kg)

Squat: 880 lbs (400kg)

Bench: 572 lbs (260kg)

Deadlift: 902 lbs (410kg)

Favorite strongman events: Super yoke/ Max deadlift

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