If my Hair could Talk what would it say?

Sorry for the day late post. Our gyms competition team is gearing up for this weekends Crossfit NorthWest Regional Champioships, in short it has me swamped (I myself also being on the team). I had a plan yesterday, Job, post, job, eat, sleep, job, train, eat, sleep. It was a good plan until I realized I had other shit to do and my post kept getting put off.

So instead of getting something really informative here is a run down of a day in the life of a head trainer. Did I forget to mention I was exhausted yesterday because my brother had seen it fit to give me season 2 of BSG (thats BattleStar Galactica to the lay person), and I felt the need to stay up watching it.

5:00AM – Wake up hit snuse button for 20 minutes
5:30AM – Out the door after making the dog get up
6AM – Teach Class
7AM – Teach Class
8AM – Teach Class
9AM – Teach Class
10AM- Teach Class
10:45AM – (Shit need a hair cut) bounce out early to head to barber
11:30AM – Get totally BadAss haircut

12:30PM – Eat teriyaki and take in how BadAss my haircut is
2:30PM – Watch episode of BSG (It’s like crack)
3:30PM – Coffee and back to Gym
4:30PM – Teach Class
5:30PM – Teach Class
6:30PM – Teach Class/have team meeting/and train (I can juggle shiz like a mother)
7:30PM – Post on Gyms home site/eat again
9:00PM – Arrive at Banya 5 for recovery sauna
11:15PM – Get home to go to bed, man I got a lot of shit done (I forgot the OCS post!).

Well as you can this really comes down to the fact that I decide to get my hair cut. But if I was to blame my hair it’d just tell me to kiss it’s ass and probably slap me. My hair is probably as badass as Master RKC Instructor, and professional performing strongman David Whitley. I was planning on profiling Dave yesterday but just ran out of time. Here is a teaser clip for the writeup I’ll get to at some point and a link to his site http://irontamerdavidwhitley.com/.

Posted by: Z

10 Responses to “If my Hair could Talk what would it say?”

  1. PIMP

  2. NoBullBodacious Says:


  3. NoBullBodacious Says:

    BSG. The Original Series?

  4. Absolutely not… It’s the new series, which takes place after the original. And I’m pretty sure my hair just told me “I’m the Juggernaut Bitch”

  5. NoBullBodacious Says:

    Your hair really has a mouth on it…..

  6. Tell your hair to go frack itself.

  7. Having hair like that is like showing up to a wrestling tourney in purple/pink warm-ups, you better bring it.

  8. I better get my old purple wrestling shoes back out then Johnny, cause I’m not just blowing the house down and eating the pigs I’m taking their girlfriends and moms home as trophies.

  9. And John… I think you totally look like Dave. We just need to get you doing the splits so you can do all those tricks he does.

  10. I’m in for splits and beast flipping, chicks dig that stuff. We need another Beast and 2 Bulldogs.

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