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Times they are a changing….

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It’s been almost four years now sense I started training. A lot has changed in that time, more then I’ll go into in this post. But with the bad came lots of good. I use to be a hardcore disciple, back then I would probably fist fight someone for bad talking the program. I even passed up great jobs to stay in a small hole in the wall gym that I hated training at cause I refused to take jobs with CF gyms that didn’t follow a do or die attitude.

Well I guess I did hold out until I found someone willing to let me run the program I wanted. Which over the years saw more and more power and oly lifting taking place of furious air squats and pushups. I tried really heavy athletic based crossfit, strict gymnastics crossfit (including a obsession with handstands), and even just straight lifting. I’d dive head first into kettlebell programs and do old school squatten in your basement during winter stuff.

All this lead me to the way I train now. But the whole time I was changing styles and methods there was always one thing. The West Seattle Barbell Club, the same group of people I started Crossfitting with. We worked out outside, we worked out in the basement, we’d go to the track together, we did all that shit together. We were the original CFWS, well times they have changed. Most of those members have moved on, kids, jobs, life changes things.

We have a lot more pipehitters, boots, prospects,  and hangarounds now. There are only a few members left that grand fathered into the Club from back then(actually my brother and I are the only original silverbacks left).  So Johnny and I talked it over last night(at the Banya of course). We are dissolving West Seattle Barbell Club, and we will be renaming the Club. There are three people calling the shots for the Club and we all agree(well Nicky always ends up agreeing with me).

So chalk up bitches, grab your ammonia caps, and get use to hearing OLD COUNTRY BARBELL CLUB, cause times have changed. I figured we’d kick of the new name with some bad ass videos.

Old Country Barbell



Rip shit up…


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