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Crom, I have never prayed to you before. I have no tongue for it

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The saga continues…

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Put your money where your mouth is

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A few weeks back I ended my first group test cycle on our Caliber program. The test group followed a three on, one off, two on, one off work schedule. In the six weeks they followed it they alternated between two heavy lift days consisting of squats on a RVT (Russian volume Training) model. And a linear progression on the deadlift and a day of RVT front squats. The lift days took place on Wednesdays and Saturdays with metabolic conditioning taking up the other days. The results were even better then I hoped for. I will be profiling some of the athletes gains that came from this in the coming weeks.

Below are the stats and a small testimonial from one such athlete. He has been in our gym for awhile now following a standard Crossfit GPP (General physical preparation) program. When approached about the strength Cycle, his goals were to get stronger and put on weight. He not only met both those goals but also found himself becoming a member of the gyms BarBell Club (not a easy task, there may have been a cheer leading costume involved). He wasn’t the only one to meet his goals. I will be profiling a female athlete next week who followed the EXACT same workout program (minus a lot of milk to help in the males athletes diet) and got stronger and gained muscle while lossing fat and leaning out.

All these athletes met goals of fat loss, muscle gain, faster run times, more pullups, better workout times, all while following a heavy strength based Cycle.

Athlete 1: Graham Kent


Old: 172lbs

New: 185lbs


Old: 285lbs

New: 315lbs (335 is next goal)

Power Clean:

Old: 155lbs

New: 185lbs

Fran: 21-15-9 thruster 95lbs/pullups

Old: 7:59

New: 5:37

Grace: 30 Clean and jerks for time 135lbs

Old: 7:49

New: 2:51

“My thoughts on the Cycle is that I have never experienced such dramatic strength gains in such a short period, let alone ever in my life. Mentally, to know I can do multiple sets AND reps around 95% of my one rep max on squats and to know I can deadlift heavy weight for reps is HUGE. To knock 5 MINUTES off my Grace and 2:30 off my Fran was insane, but to squat 3 wheels and have it feel pretty easy when I could barely properly squat 205 at our first total sums up how effective your program is. I fukin PR’d during warmup for my squat at our recent total, that was the shit! The almost 15 pounds I have gained in 7 weeks is pretty fucking sweet too.

I felt like the coaching was right on the entire time and I never did anything that I didn’t feel prepared for. I definitely felt the program really pushed you to improve and you had to really want to do it, it was not easy and that’s the way it should be. I loved every day of it.”

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Who doesn’t try world records in practice…

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Svend “Viking” Karlsen was born October 6, 1967 in Norway. Svend wanted to be a best at everything he did from a very young age. He happily admits that he wanted to be just like Arnold and actually began working out seriously at the age of 14 to achieve that goal. While training he was realized his inherent strength and started to focus on powerlifting. The first time Svend tried Squat, Bench-press, and Dead lift he did 330 lbs (150kg), 220 lbs (100kg), 330 lbs (150kg). In 1986 Svend started to compete in powerlifting competitions and began to break numerous records. Svend during his time as competitive powerlifter broke 30 Norwegian records, 3 European records and 1 world record, won the Norwegian championship 3 times, the Nordic Championship and took third in both the European and the World Championships.

After power lifting Svend decided to proceed with first childhood ambition of bodybuilding. Competing as a heavyweight, Svend won the Norwegian championships and in 1993 placed second in the World Games, earning his pro card. Svend competed in several professional shows before retiring from an injury.

After the end of his bodybuilding career Svend was encouraged to start to participate in strongman competitions. Svend competed in one of the 1996 qualifying heats and narrowly missed qualifying for the 1996 World’s Strongest Man finals. In 1997, Svend made it to the finals, but during the warm-up for the squat event, he tore his hamstring and had to withdraw from the rest of the contest. Svend returned in 1999, finishing in third place, and finished in second place in 2000. Svend finally became victorious at the 2001 World’s Strongest Man competition. Other notable Strongman titles Svend won include Europe’s Strongest Man 2001, 3 time runner-up at the Arnold Strongman Classic 2002-04, and 2 time Norway’s Strongest Man in 2003 and 2006. Svend is the second athlete inducted into the World’s Strongest Man Hall of Fame in 2010.

Now retired, Svend runs the Viking Power Challenge event in Norway, which is part of the Giants Live tour for qualification into the World’s Strongest Man event. Oh he also finds time to continue to train. How about  a 704 lb (320 kg) deadlift with not too much training?  Or a 374 lb (170 kg) close grip bench press? Or 110 lbs (50 kg) x 8 alternate dumbbell curl?  Not enough?  Svend hopes to deadlift 704 lbs (320 kg) x 4, then 748 lbs (340 kg) x 4 . . . on his way to 880 lbs ( 400 kg) x 1 this summer. Viking Power indeed.


Height: 6’2”

Competition Weight: 300 lbs (135kg)

Squat: 880 lbs (400kg)

Bench: 572 lbs (260kg)

Deadlift: 902 lbs (410kg)

Favorite strongman events: Super yoke/ Max deadlift

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What Do You Do In Between

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There are gyms and than there are GYMs. Monster Garage Gym, ,is the latter.  Located in Waukegan, IL, the gym is a hardcore gym for powerlifters , strength atheletes, and those who wish to push themselves. For people looking for chains, bands, quality squatters, people to help with their bench shirts, and to train with other people who get it. As my brother would elegantly put it, this is a serious pipehitting gym.

This hardcore lifting philosophy is instilled by the co-owners of the gym, Eric Maroscher and Phillip Daniels. Eric Maroscher is a two time WPC World Powerlifting Champion, two time APF National Powerlifting Champion, WPC North American Powerlifting Champion, as well as other numerous titles. Maroscher is a Master I lifter in the 100KG Division with PRs in the division of a 805 Squat, 460 Bench,  671 Deadlift , 1826 Total. He also runs the Maroscher Powerlifting Team, whose website has many good articles on getting strong..  A great interview with Eric can be found here, . Phillips Daniels may be familiar to Seahawk, Bears, and Redskins fan as a 14 year NFL veteran at Defensive End who has amassed 60 sacks in his career. Daniels was first exposed to powerlifting when playing with the Seattle Seahawks as Louie Simmons worked with that team on the Westside Method. At 6’6″, 300LBS and 12% body fat, Daniels has a 722 LB single ply squat and 633 LB deadlift in competition to his credit.

If that is not enough here to convince you, here is some gym training footage.

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