Just drive Your ass up

Mark Rippetoe, for anyone who frequents OCS that should be enough said. Coach Rip was formerly Crossfit HQ’s go to guy for all thing to do with Powerlifting. Rip now runs his own Starting Strength certification, and maintains his gym Wichita Falls Athletic Club which is the premiere black-iron gym in North Texas. Having attended a couple of Rips Barbell certifications, I feel confident in saying Rip is still my go to guy for all things with a barbell.

Here is a video of Rip coaching a athlete on Hip drive. This should be very helpful to anyone to who has had issues dialing this in.

Posted by: Z

3 Responses to “Just drive Your ass up”

  1. Totally John and Scott Winters (like the season) drunken fighting

    • You see kids this shows an important wildlife fact, gorillas practice greco roman wrestling not freestyle or folkstyle. Gorilla 1 would have been probably disqualified from leg usage at the 13 second mark.

  2. “I’m gonna keep rocking this fucking stache, that’s all I know.”

    A man, his mustache, and his truck conquering the world.


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