Who’s the Baddest… SHO NUFF!!!

Just for arguments sake…

Earlier today when talking with Z about a post, I asked him if he had ever heard of the techno viking. Z had not which resulted in me forcing him to watch the following clip.

Now the inherent awesomeness of this clip is not in doubt, what is in doubt is talk I saw on the internet. People in awe of the techno viking stated that there was no force alive that can contain him, including Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer. I thought to myself, WHAT! These people must only obviously know of the facts concerning Mr. Norris and Mr. Bauer and have never truly witnessed the men in action. Yes it easy to dismiss Chuck Norris if you only know that his tears cure cancer (unfortunately he never cries) or that he counted to infinity (twice in fact). But when you see moves like this, I mean come on.

Have you seen the techno viking ever beat down a bear and make it submit to his will with a glare? Or jump kicked through a car window? No, he dances. And many of Jack Bauer’s exploits are classified to his government work but we do know that he has never missed a shot (he only kills a terrorist a mile away). So yes he may not have the moves of the techno viking, but how about these.

So for the record, Jack Bauer killed one guy with a flare gun and another with a straight Street Fighter move. He actually has a registered 266 kills that we have witnessed. So the question I pose to the Old Country Strong crew is simply this, who out of these three is the true baddest man alive?

Posted by: Nickay

10 Responses to “Who’s the Baddest… SHO NUFF!!!”

  1. I believe that if Chuck Norris were to ever lock eyes with the Techno Viking they would both turn into pure (manly) energy. Nothing but tight denim and hemp beads left to tell the story.

    • What if upon eye-lock, they suddenly merged into one, uber-evolved, super fantastic, boobie bouncin’, bear smashing, bearded badass?!?!

      • in a utilikilt!?!?!

      • I think we have a winner. What do you think Nickay? Is merged, uber-evolved Techno Norris is the Baddest?

      • I would say Techno Norris would be, well I can’t think of a word. It would be like looking at Zeus in his full glory, the sheer magnitude would burn you to ash.

  2. Challenge….

    • Now Sho Nuff is bad man, I mean he was the shogun of Harlem. But he couldn’t handle Bruce Leroy. Norris fought Bruce Lee, Bauer assassins from all 4 corners of the planet. Sho Nuff has vaulted the techno viking though.

  3. is it just me or does techno viking kind of look like Z. Just saying.

  4. Ron Burgundy and his posse….he fights a chick, one of them fights a bear, they use a trident to harpoon some guy…I’m just saying they’re collectively pretty bad ass.

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