Get Over Here!!!

Well I was planning on a post today dealing with the benefits of the zercher squat. But my second week in our training cycle and a nasty cold have laid me pretty low this morning. Then I opened my email to this gem from my brother Jaime. Now the Filer brothers love our comics and our old school video games. The mythology is by far the best part of these two favored past times.

And as far as mythology goes no game had more epic mythology back in the day as Mortal Combat. I use to read the bio’s of the characters in the instruction manual over and over. Come on who didn’t want to be Scorpion or Sub-Zero at some point! Well the first two attempts at taking this game to the big screen failed horribly. They were almost as bad as Street Fighter (which even had JVD in it!), or the remake of Red Dawn I hears in the works that will suck ass (no Charlie Sheen or Bodhi COME ON)!

I Hope this helps anyone following the program feeling like they got hit by a bus, then thrown under a train, then pissed on by a dog today. Gave me a little ray of sunshine this morning, I’ll get some useful knowledge up for you guys next week.

Posted by: Z

2 Responses to “Get Over Here!!!”

  1. M O R T A L K O M B A T ! ! ! It is going to have Spawn and 7 of 9, this is so awesome that Hollywood is going to frack it up.

    By the way it is kinda hard to make a new Red Dawn seeing with Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen seeing as their characters died in the movie plus one is about to be in jail and the other has left us (Sign of the cross).

  2. oh Z. mu fu Word.

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