OH SHIT… Christmas com Early

Lets see where to start with all the recent stuff going down. Well first the Club just got a new Boot (but he might flick your junk if you called him that) in Neil Donathan. Neil even in his Boot status will be getting a profile done (along with all other Club memebers) by membership director and senior Silverback Johnny. With the Clubs growth we also finally sat down and finalized something a lot of you’ve been nagging me about for awhile now. So I guess we’ll finally have the unvailing of the Old Country Barbell shirts…

Shirts will be offered through pre orders only.

Awesome shirts and new Boots aside lets talk about some other important stuff, competition… Thats right if you havent heard yet the date for The PipeHitters Clasic has been set for the 24th of July with a email to a number of Washington Gyms going out tomorrow.

Fun for you guys, shitty for me. I love to compete as well and Im stuck running the damn thing (actually I do like running these kind of things). But my day got brighter when Rainer Crossfit announce a tentative date for what was formerly their Mount Rainers Strongest Man contest. The Competition is now becoming Crossfits Strongest Man and Women and I cant wait to see what exactly that entails but I’m in!

But the spirt of competition doesnt end there no,no, no. For those not interested in either of the mentioned events I have a fun (and booze) filled race that I’ve been talked into for you. I know I said after my marathon (stupid) I’d never run another race. But this looks more like a Mad Max kegger, my kinda race. Check out a video of the after party below and tell me thats not OCS and worth a little run. Rumor is Johnny is gonna strap a keg to his back for this thing.

Well this is like a overload of epic news so I may as well top it off with sick ass video Gogo sent me. I was hoping to get down like this when I did Religion in the gym yesterday. Gotta have goals…

Posted by: Z

5 Responses to “OH SHIT… Christmas com Early”

  1. Thanks for welcoming me into the club. If anyone calls me boot though there will be issues. Heres a picture of me the last time someone called me booter.

  2. Just wanted to point out that our own resident badass pipehitter in the making artist, Gogo, did the design on tshirts.

    Awesome job, Gogo!

  3. I cannot wait for Z or Johnnie to blow like that after a night of hard drinking at the Yen Hor.

  4. I’m sure it’ll be me

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