Cause We’re better Than you and We know It…

So Barbell Club membership director Johnny Winters has taken it upon himself to write profiles for all members of Old Country Barbell. For those of you not associated with the Club one of the questions was “whats your favorite part of it”. Well I dropped some epic Rip quote in my response to him and called it a day. Then I thought about it, and it’s the simple fact that I love our gym.

We cuss and play the music we want as loud as we want with no complaints from the dog groomers next door. We throw chalk and used ammonia caps around without a care in the world. If  a athletes bitching about something you just get to tell them to “sack up”. I also have more women athletes that’ll tell you that squats cure cancer then I know what to do with.  Then there are the workouts that spill out  of the gym into the local bar. Pretty much the best gym every.

It hasnt always been like this for me. My last gym I shit you not I worked for a douche bag just like this…

Whats my favorite thing about Old Country Barbell and liven a “We do Whatever the F*ck we Want” Old Country Strong lifestyle. Is it we dont care how much we weigh but how much we lift? Or that we get our weeks “carb intake” in a weekend sitting at the bar? Or that we wear more chalk then deodorant? Maybe it’s just all those things combined.

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3 Responses to “Cause We’re better Than you and We know It…”

  1. Got some pretty weird looks asking for ammonia inhalant caps at Bartells yesterday.

    I love our gym.

    • I could’ve saved you the trip if it was the Admiral Bartell’s…..
      Already asked.
      They told me that they “didn’t think they made those anymore….”.

  2. Serious and funny sides real quick. Serious, I love our gym and those who work out in it. I worked out eberywhere, from garages to fire stations to Globo Gyms to college atheletic facilities, this place ranks right up there at the top (only tied with the UMN facilities because we do not have an Olympic size swimming pool, sauna, or indoor track). I try to explain people our gym and they just do not understand. Thats ok, not everyone can.

    Funny, I would like to propose a midday class where we only work out to songs at 100 BPM. Any takers?

    Hopefully see y’all tomorrow once I kill this bug in me.

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