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“Is that enough for you? Is that enough of a scene? Cause I could start doing a lot worse then that. And the reason that you haven’t taken me home to your mother is that your mother, with her makeup and all her drinking, she’s in the closet too.”

Posted in Gyms on June 24, 2010 by oldcountrystrong

Today’s post come’s from our very own burly necked Dr.Pond on how to not make a scene when visiting other gyms. (Videos were added for my amusement.)

Yesterday the 6am class was graced with a rare guest who trained with us before he left town.  It was a great experience for all as he got exposed to a Wendler Cycle for his first time and he got to witness some epic heavy lunging.  We in return learned how to not come off as a D-Bag when visiting someone else’s gym.

To not come off as a D-Bag when visiting someone else’s gym:

1. Don’t brag-  It is sometimes necessary to announce your max such as yesterday when we were working off a percentage maximum back squat.  It is not however necessary to list off ALL of your maxes nor is it necessary to make a ridiculous statement such as “my back squat is already at #330 so when you get that big it’s hard to make any more progress.”   Ridiculous.

Z- Yeah you could tell by this guys barbwire and tribal tattoos he moved weight. I double taked when he walked by.

2. Don’t give advice-  Don’t correct other people’s form.  Don’t even comment on other people’s form.  Don’t tell strangers how they can get as strong as you.  They might be stronger than you.

Z – There wasnt any dbag posturing from this guy at all

3. Don’t complain

Z – Im sure it was just his shoes…

4. Don’t make excuses-  Such as “I didn’t get much sleep last night.”  Or “I drove 19,000 miles yesterday.”  No one cares.

Z – Come on thats Rule #76

5. Work hard, have fun, say thank you

Written By: Sky

Posted (and video commentary) By: Z