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“The night of the fight, you may feel a slight sting. That’s pride fucking with you. Fuck pride! Pride only hurts, it never helps.”

Posted in Articles on June 27, 2010 by oldcountrystrong
This past week in the gym I saw a few things and also heard about a few things that happened. As I was roasting in my office, I digested this week and one word keep popping into my head for some reason, pride. Marsellus Wallace supplied the quote for this post and I am not sure if a could find a better quote to describe this problem which afflicts many.
Pride. Such a simple word, hell its only worth 8 points in Scrabble. But this simple word will fuck you over. How do I know, because I have had to deal with it more than most.
Pride. Pride will hinder your development as an athelete. Pride will tell you that you know what is best. I mean you have trained for years. It has worked up till this point. Why should you listen? You know what that is, that’s pride fucking with you. You know what every athelete at the Olympics has? A coach. You know why? To help the athelete reach his potential. How? They tell you how to unfuck your problems. You know what happens if you don’t listen, your results are impacted. I can testify to this fact. You whole life you do something for years and help mentor someone along in it. Than later that person surpasses you and takes over the teaching, breaks down your technique. That’s hard and even before you count in the person being your little brother. And why, not because he is a lousy coach? Why. Pride. You need to shallow those feelings and listen and not just to your coach, but to everyone. What’s the harm. If the person is right than you learn and grow. If the person is wrong than you can correct and still learn because the best way to learn something is to teach it to others. If you don’t listen though, you never learn. Brother Sky and Z already wrote different posts about some people who came into the gym this week. I did not meet them, I only heard the stories. But you know what word can describe them, prideful. Did they seem like they would fulfill their potential? I think you know the answer.
Pride. Now just because I did not see those guys does not mean I did not see pride in the gym this week. I saw lots of pride on Saturday during cleans. I don’t have to work on my form and my technique. Why? Because I am strong. I can get the weight up. Thats the point of power cleans right. Wrong. Z was preaching technique, work with lighter weight. People were listening, but not everyone. Some were thinking “Let’s move up the weight, let’s bump the music” and missed the point. You know why bar work sucks, why light weight sucks? Because it forces you to focus on your technique. You know what happens when you rely on just your strength, shitty form and results short of your goals. I am a prime example of this. During my clean right before the jump I start to arm pull. Not a lot, just enough. Hey I am strong guy, so what if I arm pull a little bit, what’s the big deal? The big deal is when the weight starts to get real heavy and I cannot get that arm pull with my jump that I am used to, it just doesn’t happen. Watch most of my misses, if ain’t because I miss the rack or did not get low enough, it is because the weight does not get jumped up. My pride stops me from working my technique because I have to lift heavy which in turn does not let me lift as heavy as I can. You can only mongo up the lift for so long. There were a bunch of people horsing the weight around, to lift the weight for the sake of being strong. Their pride would not let them do the exercise right thereby lifting less and losing face. Their pride is not helping them in the long run, it is only hurting them.
We have the Pipehitters Classic coming up here pretty quick. A lot of people are putting a lot of effort into this event, be it planning it or getting ready to dominate the event. How the Classic goes down not only reflects on the gym but on the coaches and the members of the gym. If we are going to have any pride in this gym, lets not have the pride which does not allow us to listen, lets not have the pride which forces us to forsake form for the sake of stroking our ego, lets kick some ass at the Classic and have some pride in knowing we are the biggest pipehitting gym in the 206. That is some pride I would actually writing an article about.
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