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Get Over Here!!!

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Well I was planning on a post today dealing with the benefits of the zercher squat. But my second week in our training cycle and a nasty cold have laid me pretty low this morning. Then I opened my email to this gem from my brother Jaime. Now the Filer brothers love our comics and our old school video games. The mythology is by far the best part of these two favored past times.

And as far as mythology goes no game had more epic mythology back in the day as Mortal Combat. I use to read the bio’s of the characters in the instruction manual over and over. Come on who didn’t want to be Scorpion or Sub-Zero at some point! Well the first two attempts at taking this game to the big screen failed horribly. They were almost as bad as Street Fighter (which even had JVD in it!), or the remake of Red Dawn I hears in the works that will suck ass (no Charlie Sheen or Bodhi COME ON)!

I Hope this helps anyone following the program feeling like they got hit by a bus, then thrown under a train, then pissed on by a dog today. Gave me a little ray of sunshine this morning, I’ll get some useful knowledge up for you guys next week.

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Some Marauders dont Start the Day with “The Oatmeal and the Skim Milk”

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In the Old days things were simpler, anything you wanted could be taken by force. Mastodons, Silverbacks, and marauding barbarians simple took what they wanted. Weakness was a choice and the act of not taking what you wanted was weak back then.

That’s Old Country Strong, but it’s not very social excitable in these days. Lucky for the OCBC we have professional athletes in the area that keeps the old ways alive.  Seahawk Rookie Golden Tate will probably get a OCBC shirt in the mail after this one. Below is a article on his recent act of defiance against a world gone soft, EPIC…

The Great Maple Bar Caper

By Danny O’Neil

Seattle Times staff reporter

RENTON — Seahawks rookie Golden Tate was a little late for National Doughnut Day, which was last Friday.

And he arrived a little too early for Top Pot Doughnuts cafe in Bellevue. It doesn’t open until 7 a.m. on Saturdays.

So when Tate and a friend found their way into the cafe at about 3 a.m. on Saturday, timing became a problem and precipitated a visit from the Bellevue Police officers and a warning for trespassing.

So what prompted all the trouble? Maple bars. Freshly baked.

“They’re irresistible,” Tate said. “It was kind of a foolish mistake that won’t happen again.”

At least not while the store is closed.

“If you ever want some maple bars, that’s the place to go,” he said.

Somewhere, Homer Simpson just drooled.

Tate, 21, was neither arrested nor cited. He was given a warning, said Officer Carla Iafrate, the public-information officer for Bellevue Police.

Officers determined Tate and his friend got access via a back door to the cafe that was left open. That door opened to a hallway residents have access to, and Tate lives in the building where Top Pot is located.

Mark Klebeck, co-founder of Top Pot Doughnuts, said in a telephone interview the bakers followed company protocol in calling police. Klebeck said once it was determined Tate lived in the building, it lessened the concerns over the situation.

“We’re just happy that it wasn’t more serious,” Klebeck said.

// //

<!–No charges were pressed; a warning was administered. It was just the case of two men tempted by the smell of sweet treats from a doughnut shop that didn’t yet happen to be open. Klebeck joked he wished the cafe was open 24 hours.

And while Seahawks coach Pete Carroll questioned Tate’s time management, there was no issues with his taste.

“I’m not disappointed in a guy being in a doughnut shop when they’ve got maple bars like Top Pot has,” Pete Carroll said. “However, under the circumstances I think they were closed or they were trying to close or something like that. So that’s definitely one. We talked about it, addressed it and he’s most remorseful about it and all that.

“I do understand the allure of the maple bars.”

The Seahawks announced earlier this year an agreement that Top Pot Doughnuts and coffee would be sold at Qwest Field during Seahawks and Sounders games.

Tate was chosen by Seattle in the second round of the NFL draft in April. He said a Top Pot doughnut was one of the first things he tried upon arriving in Seattle. After Tuesday’s practice, he apologized to his teammates, coaches and Top Pot Doughnuts for the incident.

“I’m very embarrassed to even have my name be a part of this,” Tate said. “Before now, I’ve never had some trouble in any type of school or anything. I’d rather learn on this than have something a few months or years down the road that’s a lot bigger and me being arrested or cited for something.

“So this is definitely a lesson learned for me, and next time, I’m just going to have my buddy go in and buy them instead.”

Of course, that would require waiting until the store opens.

By Danny O’Neil

And if breaking into a donut shop didn’t have enough GFY attitude for you lets not forget this.

Now if I only knew his squat…

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Who’s the Baddest… SHO NUFF!!!

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Just for arguments sake…

Earlier today when talking with Z about a post, I asked him if he had ever heard of the techno viking. Z had not which resulted in me forcing him to watch the following clip.

Now the inherent awesomeness of this clip is not in doubt, what is in doubt is talk I saw on the internet. People in awe of the techno viking stated that there was no force alive that can contain him, including Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer. I thought to myself, WHAT! These people must only obviously know of the facts concerning Mr. Norris and Mr. Bauer and have never truly witnessed the men in action. Yes it easy to dismiss Chuck Norris if you only know that his tears cure cancer (unfortunately he never cries) or that he counted to infinity (twice in fact). But when you see moves like this, I mean come on.

Have you seen the techno viking ever beat down a bear and make it submit to his will with a glare? Or jump kicked through a car window? No, he dances. And many of Jack Bauer’s exploits are classified to his government work but we do know that he has never missed a shot (he only kills a terrorist a mile away). So yes he may not have the moves of the techno viking, but how about these.

So for the record, Jack Bauer killed one guy with a flare gun and another with a straight Street Fighter move. He actually has a registered 266 kills that we have witnessed. So the question I pose to the Old Country Strong crew is simply this, who out of these three is the true baddest man alive?

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Just drive Your ass up

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Mark Rippetoe, for anyone who frequents OCS that should be enough said. Coach Rip was formerly Crossfit HQ’s go to guy for all thing to do with Powerlifting. Rip now runs his own Starting Strength certification, and maintains his gym Wichita Falls Athletic Club which is the premiere black-iron gym in North Texas. Having attended a couple of Rips Barbell certifications, I feel confident in saying Rip is still my go to guy for all things with a barbell.

Here is a video of Rip coaching a athlete on Hip drive. This should be very helpful to anyone to who has had issues dialing this in.

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PipeHitters Classic Spoiler???

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Or me just screwing with your heads….

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