“What the Hell is a Dim Mack???”

My day starts…

Check various websites…

Notice someone wishing everyone a Happy Canada day…

My first response, text Sarah (my in house Canadian but its cool she ran track at Texas A&M)…

My text – “What the fuck is Canada day???”

Her text (almost instant response) – “Today, July 1st… A holiday celebrating the countries creation in 1867. We should have a special WOD for it”

My thoughts on this – ………

My thoughts (after I regain my composure) – “People celebrate Canada???”

My next text – “So do you guys get together and drink Labatte Blue or somethen???”

My next thought I need to watch something American and badass ASAP…

Post something American and Badass to comment…

Posted by: Z

11 Responses to ““What the Hell is a Dim Mack???””

  1. Getting coffee this morning I asked for “the largest size cup”, it must be 16 oz’s I guess but I normally use hand signals.

    Coffee girl’s reply, “Would a bucket of coffee work?”

    My reply, “A bucket would be better, this IS America dammit.”

    I’m going to have extra mayo on my REST DAY bacon double cheeseburger to celebrate America and Jared Allen and his badassery.

  2. Here is a “Real American” in action.

  3. Or the greatest race in the history of Olympic Swimming. Can I get a U-S-A!

    • I watched that at 1 oclock in the morning and it was one of the coolest things I’d ever seen, USA!

  4. Zak. You asked for something inbetween cream of wheat and patriotic so here it is.

  5. The American way… GET ME PAID BITCH!!!

  6. Screw it. I can’t get the video to embed. Follow the link.
    Star Wars Kid

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