“Well according to witnesses testimony and evidence, this massacre was the work of ninjas.”

My day begins to end…

Check various websites…

Kids want to watch movie and pop into the TV a VHS of the cartoon Dino Riders…

My first response, I still have a working VHS player…

My second response, dude Dino Riders was sick…

My third response, dude I loved to watch great 80s movies on VHS that we taped off Showtime growing up at our old house with Z…

My fourth response, this would be perfect for the blog (I know this is a lot of responses but I have ADHD just deal with it) and so I text Z…

My text – “Can I do a OCS post on classicly bad 80’s movies?”

His text (almost instant response) – “That would b awesome”

My response – “I thought it would be good. I have the perfect film to start with”

His text (almost instant response) – “Fire away”

My text (almost instant response) – “American Ninja

Now for you young whippersnappers out there who don’t know, American Ninja was a classic 80’s movie starring the great actor Michael Dudikoff. I mean this movie rocks. It rocks so much I was tempted to place the entire movie (which is on Youtube if you are interested) on the post. But I decided that might be presumptious of me to tell you what you want to watch the whole movie so I found the original trailer for this cinema classic.


So your task if you choose to accept it is simple, post a VHS classic from the 80’s in the comments and how many times you think you watched it.

Posted by Nickay.

6 Responses to ““Well according to witnesses testimony and evidence, this massacre was the work of ninjas.””

  1. So epically like Star Wars it’s ridiculous…

  2. ricepaddielegs Says:

    the labyrinth. and so commenced my love affair with david. effing. bowie.
    real men wear eyeliner and tight pants with the waist under their tatas.

  3. Now this is another Filer classic. I love how Slaughter just puts it to Nemesis Enforcer (yes I still remember the names). As a side note see how many famous voices you can pick out in this scene.

  4. If were going to go into the 80’s you cant forget about “Swayze”

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