Well Bears Eat Salmon to get Big…

While watching Fedor Emelianenko (if you dont know him you should) receive his first official loss the other night. The conversation came up about the champion he would have faced next had he won. Alistair Overeem, a hard-nosed former light heavyweight fighter who is the current Strike force heavyweight champion.

What does this topic have to do with OCS? Well in this conversation arose the topic of Overeem’s freakish “growth spurt”. Steroids said the wind, dedicated strongman style training whispered the mountains. But Overeems freakish size gain was hard to ignore. Until the man himself came out and stated how he accomplished this size gain. Up to 8 meals a day supplied steadily with “Horse Beef”.

Well with a group of us looking to start another hardcore paleo cycle of eating the fear of losing mass from lack of dairy is horrifying. John and I were ready to start eating salmon skin because as a friend stated “thats how bears get big.”

It made sense…

But after hearing of Overeems diet I started researching. Below is an article speaking on the topic of his diet along with a video of the man.

Taken from: http://www.cagepotato.com

It’s not quite as bad as Lyoto Machida admitting to drinking his own urine every single morning, but Alistair Overeem seems to have some unusual dietary issues all his own.  In a recent interview translated by Robert K, Overeem said he’s changed everything about his life, from his girlfriend to his coach to his diet.  Now he lives mainly on “horse meat, rice, and protein shakes.”  And here you thought your dog was the only one on an equine-centric diet.

Turns out that eating horse meat is popular in certain parts of the globe that are not called the United States (the Mongolians even make a horse milk wine, so there).  According to the always informative Wikipedia:

“Horse meat contains 20% more protein than high quality beef cuts, 25% less fat, nearly 20% less sodium, double the iron and less cholesterol. When compared to ground beef, horsemeat has 55% more protein, 25% less fat, 30% less cholesterol and 27% less sodium.”

That sounds all right, if you can get past the fact that you’re eating a freaking horse.  I guess there’s no real reason, aside from the psychological ones, that it should be any weirder than eating, say, a cow.  And look what it’s done for Overeem’s physique!

Wait a minute, you thinking what I’m thinking?  All that speculation about how Overeem managed to go from a tall, kind of skinny light heavyweight to a bulky beast of a heavyweight centered on the theory that he was injecting something.  But maybe it’s the horses who have been injecting something.  You know, in their desire to get huge, floss, and get mares.  It all makes sense now.  And you know those horses are always outside tanning and stuff.  They really are the Phil Baroni’s of the animal kingdom.


And a video of him cooking up what I think is plain beef but he throws out the term “horse beef”… Weird

Sadly in my research I also found it illegal to buy “horse beef” for human consumption. We have hippies running things now apparently in this counrty. But I tell you what in the zombie invasion horses will be a hot commodity. They will be transport and a super solider food source! I can just imagine an army of juggernauts driven on “horse beef” fuel. Until then Johnny and I will have to settle for Salmon skin.

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10 Responses to “Well Bears Eat Salmon to get Big…”

  1. I love this guy! I want to eat 8 times a day, train, and sleep. Have no fear about horse beef, I’ll find a way…

  2. Fact: They do not eat horse in the Phillipines (would you eat your tractor)?\

    I believe that is a good barometer of how appeasing horse meat is.

  3. Horse….. Cow…..
    Both of them can be classified as ‘tractors’ of some sort.

    Buffalo! is the meat of champions!
    Leaner and roughly the same protein content (.3 to 1 % less per “serving”). With stricter adherence to no drugs by rancher.

    Lot’s of different ‘energy’ in a buffalo/bison than a cow and even a horse. From a historical perspective the buffalo/bison is a more revered animal across many cultures. Supposedly has a higher amount of ‘life force’ and grounding energy.

    • If we are going for the energy of the animal lets go with bear. Yeah I said it, BEAR MEAT! The bear is revered for its strength in this great country of ours. I say we go to Jellystone National Park and hunt us some Boo Boo.

  4. If you go to Italy you can eat horse meat. It is delicious by the way.

  5. The Cooler always has the right answer. I’ve also recently found a source for Alligator, Kangaroo, Rattlesnake, Frog Legs, Black Bear, Crocodile, Iguana, Ostrich, Llama, Turtle, Wild Boar, and Yak. No horse, WTF!

  6. SStrider Says:


    No horse or bear meat but you can buy the whole cow!

  7. Matt Brenton Says:

    I have tried and tried to find the clip but alas no luck.
    As with most situations in life, the answers lie within an episode of “Its Always Sunny in Philidelphia”.
    The epsisode –“Mac And Dennis: Manhunters”
    Charlie and Dee freak out when they eat what they think is human meat Frank had stored away and become cannibalistic. Meanwhile, Mac and Dennis take up hunting and go after the most dangerous prey of all–man.

  8. This is one of the funniest episodes.
    <embed src="http://www.hulu.com/embed/aOMmDTlAHgTw60LQDpdKBQ&quot; type="application/x-

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