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1st Annual PipeHitters Classic Events Announced

Posted in Competition on July 15, 2010 by oldcountrystrong

The name of the game next weekend will be Raw Power Output.
We are looking to field an event for some of our local and not-so-local Gorillas and SheApes.

Here’s some of what to expect at this year’s PipeHitters Classic:

WOD 1: “HULK SMASH” Overhead Medley

The Medley will consist of 4 stations, each with a particular object to rep from ground to overhead as many times as possible. Athletes will be given 45 seconds at each station. At the end of the 45 seconds, athletes will have 15 seconds to transition to the next station before the 45 second clock starts again.

Each athlete will be assigned a judge that will accompany them to every station, recording their reps. Equipment will be assigned to designated platforms. If equipment leaves the platform during lifts (like chasing the bar around the gym during Grace, etc.), the athlete must return it to the proper platform before they are allowed to rotate to the next station.

This workout will be scored on an every-rep-counts system. Your total number of reps from each station will be combined, and the sum will be your score for the workout.

Station #1: Olympic Barbell loaded to 135/95 pounds
Station #2: Strongman log loaded to 155/105 pounds
Station #3: Kettlebell long cycle clean and jerk weight 106/70
Long Cycle – Bell must be cleaned before every jerk from the swing position. We will be allowing two-handed cleans (given many athletes haven’t had access to large bells), you may clean and jerk from the same side the entire time if you so choose. Complete standards on clean and hand position will be covered day of competition.
Station #4: Axel Fat Bar loaded to 215/125 pounds
Axel may be cleaned from the ground anyway you like. Full, power, or continental cleans will be game.
WOD #2: “The West Seattle 50”
For time:
Tire Drag/Flip
10 Stone-to-Shoulders 116/72
50 Back Squats 155/105
10 Stone-to-Shoulders 116/72
Tire Drag/flip
Tire Drag/Flip:
Female athletes will be flipping a tire down a certain distance then back to their equipment station.
Male athletes will be using the same tires but dragging them to their station from a seated position with a rope. Tires can be dragged using a hand over hand or any way how style.
Standard will be covered day of competition.
Barbell must be taken from the ground and placed on back. You may drop the bar from your back as often as you like.
WOD #3 & #4

Well you don’t expect me to give the whole event away, do you?! But I will tell you some of the equipment and movements involved:
Heavy axel deadlift, kettlebells, and a REALLY HEAVY sandbag that may or may not have to travel a far or short distance…
Details on overall event scoring will be announced on competition day. Stay tuned for details about check-in and the event schedule.

See you all next weekend! Feel free to e-mail me with questions at Good luck Everyone.


On a side note we have 4 OCBC members competing next weekend. Sky, Wes “Amy”, Ryan “HollyWood”, and Joey Girl will all be looking to bring it home for the club. As posted below keep an eye out for these athletes and others profiles to come. The rest of us are working as judges and what not, looks to be a good time, HTFU!

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