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Horse Gut, Gorilla Back

Posted in Athletes on July 19, 2010 by oldcountrystrong

Here’s a  quick post for you guys kicking off a week that will be sung in the halls of Valhalla for a great time to come. We have our first annual PipeHitters Classic this weekend, I turn another year older, and we just wrapped another Caliber Cycle with results that speak for themselves. The amount of weight slain in the gym last week was epic. It even broke a new member into the OCBC with Margaux Chan pulling a 305 deadlift. I will have a full write-up and some videos to come for you guys documenting all of this. But in the mean time let me honor you all with a video of a living legend. A true juggernaut, a force of nature put to form, Andy Bolton. If any of you value yourselves as “horse eating mutant marauders” then  you should already know who he is.

If not, here is a peek at the man and a quote I heard from Rip about him. “I’d like to drink beer with big Andy… He looks like he can drink a lot of beer doesn’t he? Well doesn’t he…”

Here is the man Johnny admires and as describes as “Horse Gut.”

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