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I bat ya can box a little, can’d ya sir? Aye, you look like a boxer…

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I’ve always been told the universe provides…

– 5 AM my day starts

– 5:40 I finally get up and let my dog out… SHIT gotta open the gym at 5:45

– 6 AM start class answer all question pertaining to my birthday workout the day before which included shotgunning a number of beers.

  “Yes I did it”

  “Of course I puked”

  “Why wouldnt I keep drinking after it?”

– 9 AM finally done with with classes and privated session covering the press, push press, and push jerk

– 9:05 realize I mummbled my way through all classes, laugh at myself then realize I need to get a post up on Old Country. I have no inspiration to write on

– 9:15 General internet surfering and catching up on some of my favorite sites. Read a article on 70’s Big about Mark Felix, do some follow up youtube surfing on him and it all clicks

Monday I posted on Andy Bolton, I spent some time looking for interviews with him where you couldnt understand him because of his english accent (in my mind this would have made him that much more fucking epic). But sadly Big Andy speaks with the tone of a english poet (well not really). But when researching our friend Mark Felix I found the little gem you can see below.

No it’s not Mark speaking in tongues but his coach. And of course he’s coaching on the push press. Oh the irony when this all came together, here was my crazy accent I was searching for monday. And I happened upon it the day that I literally butchered the english language trying to also describe the push press (butchered even more so then my west seattle pigeon slang that comes out when I’m drunk).  I’m pretty sure this is how I was trying to coach today…

I really wish Big Andy talked like that I really had big “pikey” dreams for him. What’s “Pikey” you ask?

You think that was over acting? I think not check this big fella out…

Ah I needed a post and the universe provided. I think I need a “beer and a lie down now”.

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