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“Very good, but brick don’t hit back”

Posted in Athletes on July 27, 2010 by oldcountrystrong

Here on Old Country Strong, we strive to celebrate atheletes of different backgrounds. The only requisite, they must be bad ass.  And off that basis, there may be no badder man than former Kumite champion Chong Li.

Who is Chong Li? Hailing from South Korea, Chong Li beegan his life by walking the Earth, you know like Caine in Kung Fu. He walked from place to place, met people, got in adventures. Why? Not because he was looking for the meaning of life, no because he was badass. He got his first taste of martials arts competition while working as a bodyguard to a Mr. Han. Mr. Han held a tournament every three years, no holds barred. Here Chong Li started to display his trademark viciousness.

Chong Li decided to take his talents to the Kumite, an illegal and underground full contact martial arts tournament. With his sheer power and determination, Chong Li won the 1975 Kumite. He gained notoriety from “accidently” killing a fellow competitor in his run for the gold. He even set the world record for fastest knockout at 14.8 seconds. Other than a nose injury which required him to blow his nose before a big fight, things could not be going better.

But than in the year 1980, a series of unfortunate events occurred. First, while preparing for the Kumite Chong Li injured himself while breaking blocks of ice (film evidence shows him breaking 2 blocks but leaving the 3rd untouched). Next he drew a bad draw in the Kumite bracket. See below.

I mean, some fat American Orge got a better draw than the reigning champ. But neither this nor tricks with bricks would deter Chong Li. Here are some highlights of his domination of the competetion.

Finally, Chong Li made the finals where he fell in the greatest Kumite match of all time to Frank Dux. The loss combined with allegations of cheating forced Chong Li fell into a  deep slump. He eventually turned back to being a bodyguard where he had a chance encounter to show his old foe once and for all who was best (as well as execute a perfect snatch with an oil barrell at 1:10 of the clip).

So to Chong Li, 1975 Kumite champion and all around badass, the OCBC salutes you!

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