There are many different ways to express your faith. Some do it by going to church, some do it by performing acts of charity. But those ways frankly are not very OCBC friendly. No OCBC style requires one to show that they are “Crunk for Christ” more directly.

How? By breaking bats for G.O.D. thats how!

You want to see praise of God and shit getting broken, I present to you the Power Team. The Power Team was founded on the belief that the best way to get people revved up for Jesus is by performing random feats of strength. You want to see more, BAM!

Jesus, Maria, y Josef. Someone tell the Power Team the NCAA is testing next week. But there is more to the Power Team than just their burly chests. No, no, no. Watch this into.

I mean the name is awesome, the corresponding graphics, the outfit, Timber handling the bat. This whole intro looks like it should be part of American Gladiators (the original, not the crappy remake). I mean can’t you see Timber instead singing Amen doing this.

Finally, straight from the Power Team website is their maybe greatest accomplishment. Who found his faith after watching an another amazing Power Team performance. Chuck fucking Norris. Yes, the Chuckster himself found our Lord and Savior after watching steel get bent like it was…well steel.

Flex your faith!

Posted by Nickay

3 Responses to ““FLEX YOUR FAITH!””

  1. Allejuah! I think I saw Mary’s face in that bent frying pan! Praise HIM!

  2. If you truly believe Brother Sky than you do explode water bottles with your massive lungs. Can I get an Amen?

    • Amen Brother Nickay. My batsh*t crazy cousin Kenny Keene used to break things for Jesus with the Power Team back in the 90’s. It would be sweet if you could dig up some footage of that action on youtube.

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