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“Mercy is the mark of a great man. Guess I’m just a good man. Well I’m alright”

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I like to think I am a humble man, but every now and than you just got to drop some knowledge. This post concerns Michel and Abdel Qissi and their contribution to great cinema.


Who the hell are these guys?

Michel Qissi was training in boxing when he met a young man practicing Shotokan Karate named Jean-Claude Van Varenberg, the soon to be Jean-Claude Van Damme. They became friends, came to America together, and even got into movies together at the same time. Michel garnered his first role in Bloodsport as Suan Paredes. Don’t remember the name, he was the boxer who got his leg broke by Chong Li.

While helping JCVD on the set of Kickboxer the directors said they needed someone for a part and Michel jumped all over it. Don’t remember in the movie. Maybe this picture will help.

WTF? He was Tom Po! I know, I didn’t believe it either but it is him with lots of makeup on.

Riding this momentum, Michel got another role as Moustafa in Lionheart, chasing JCVD from the desert to LA, even breaking the man’s ribs. With his newfound sucess he did what any brother would do and convinced the director to cast his brother Abdel in Lionheart. Don’t remember him, here is a picture.

Yes, he played the great Attila in Lionheart, the brutal fighter with a thing for cats. But wait, there is more. Abdel also played the Mongolian baddie in The Quest.

Knowledge dropped. Misson accomplished. Which of these roles was your favorite and why?

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