“Know your limits, Master Wayne… Batman has No Limits.”

I’ve been slacking on the posting as of late. If you don’t know as well as being the head trainer there, I also run the CFWS blog. After PipeHitters I spent a week recapping the whole event for anyone who wasn’t there. I also did it to give a shout out to all of our athletes who competed. The posts were long and detailed and I tried not to leave anything out. This effort along with my weekly split schedule to say the least left we exhausted.

You combine this stuff with battling a god damn back injury. And the fact, that there seems to be some event every weekend. I’ve official made a good run at trying to bury myself into the ground. But “Batman has no limits”, right?

Well I might be doing a good job at keeping my nose just above water but I couldn’t have done it without one person. If Nickay hadn’t been picking up my lazy ass slack with his never straight to video posts OCS wouldn’t have updated in awhile. Nickay holds a number of titles Senior SilverBack and the Club’s Consigliere. But one you may not know about is that he is also the Club’s Wonder Lust Eating champ.

Any shit hole diner or fine donut establishment that crosses Nickays path best beware. As evident of the list provided below Nickay will except any challenge.

From the SilverBack himself

“I love my food like my women all you can eat… (actually that part was me)

Beths SW 12 egg omelette in 33 minutes
A KFC family meal (10 pieces chicken,  large coleslaw and mashed pototas, and 4 biscuits) after a bjj tournent.
The Tex-ass voodoo donut challenge in 59 seconds
4 and 1/2 chiptole fajita/rice/veggies/guac/plenty of hot sauce chicken burritos.
Casa d’s super duper burrito in record time of 14 minutes for overall and super hot sauce category.
The triple king challenge at fat burger in 5 28 with burning my mouth so bad in 15 second that steam shot out my nose. Had a large choco shake afterwards.
10 baskets of red robin French fries
(plus the clucks and fries)
24 slices pizza at godfathers buffet, dessert pizza, and a salad
7 bowls pasta at olive gardens never ending pasta bowl, 3 bowls minestrone, and breassticks
70 pieces of assorted sushi at a rehearsal dinner
biggest failure: mancakes challenge stepping stones cafe in Portland

Those are ones I could think of off the top of my head…”

Now you may ask how you’ve never heard of his title before, because few us have had the chance to witness “Jumanji” in action. Now I know videos on Old Country usually go something like this…

But for the first time I have some proof of the man in action. It is but a small clip of him at work, much like the grainy footage of Bigfoot walking across that valley. Because isn’t that what a Senior SilverBack really is? Some kind of barbaric mating of a Yeti and a Mountain Gorilla, a rare and majestic breed indeed. When a creature like that is challenged it throws hay in the air and slams it’s chest. You will for see this for yourself, to the horror of this Club “Boot” in the video. She finds out when you challenge a Gorilla/Yeti/Eating Machine you gotta but your money where your mouth is. Even if it involves ranch dressing…

Nickay “The bane of the ALL YOU CAN EAT”

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6 Responses to ““Know your limits, Master Wayne… Batman has No Limits.””

  1. ricepaddielegs Says:

    nickay is badass for many, many reasons. the following are just a few, as highlighted by this particular feat of gastronomical strength:

    a.) nickay did not chase his ranch shot with anything but the fresh hooters air.

    b.) when taking a ranch shot, you can’t just throw it back and be done with it (like i did). you have to physically SUCK the remaining ranch out of the cup. nick did so. he does not half-ass.

    c.) notice that nickay, in his infinite professionalism, doesn’t utter a WORD prior to or immediately post-shot. he is all business.

    majestic breed is certainly right.

  2. True story, the Filer family once got kicked out of an all you can eat establishment because they ran out of food.

  3. …Okay…we’re all gathered around the campfire waiting to hear that ENTIRE story, Nickay!

    • So one night, the Filer family (the brothers and Mama and Papa Filer) were in search of good eats. My mother suggested for this special event that we go the Alki Homestead restaurant. Now if did not ever have the chance to dine there, the Homestead went off the ole Midwest family style of dining. Basically they would bring out baskets of fried chicken, mashed potatoas, biscuits, gravy, greens, the whole nine yards. Anyway, it was a little later when we got there but that did not stop us. The guy would bring out a basekt of chicken and immediately we would all take a piece. Gravy went just as quickly (no thanks to Captain Gravy himself Z). Anyway we kept eating, joking, drinking water and milk when of all a sudden the hostess came over with some devastating news. The kitchen had run out of food and they were wondering if we could leave so they could close up. The Filer family left that night full, not just stomach wise, but pride wise as well.

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