“Chopper Says…”

That was kinda the idea when we first started throwing posts up on Old Country. Somewhere we could speak our mind without being censored on training, work ethic, hell even movies! A friend of mine was talking to me the other day on why he thought Old Country was important. To me and the guys it’s our little side project that also gives people in the Old Country Barbell Club somewhere to Fuck around.

I was telling my friend how I was having a shitty day but in my words “Whatever, Fuck it.”

“That’s what Old Country is,” he said to me as he tapped me in the chest with both figures (Mike is a hand talker).

I knitted my eyebrows together and looked at him, “What’s is, fuck it?”

“Exactly it’s old school don’t bitch, get your shit done, and have fun. That’s what you guys represent.”

Fuck. Sweet we represent some then, I thought we were just grab ass and offensive to some people. But we’re really not this whole site isn’t just for people in the Barbell Club. It’s for everyone anyone who squats, or shotguns beers, or even just likes shitty old movies (HOLD YOUR TONGUE!). With that being said Nickay started a Syllabus and we are expecting entries from every Club member for it. And if you’re not in the Club and you wanna throw your two cents in feel free!

My buddy Mike took a quote I tossed out to everyone one day when I was pissed and ran with it. “Harden the Fuck UP”, we all say it now. In fact people text it to me when I’m trying to stay in weekend nights, FUCKERS. Mike even found a guy who bases a whole act on HTFU. So I back Mike on bringing HTFU into the syllabus and for bringing Chopper into my life.

Posted by: Z

5 Responses to “HTFU…”

  1. Scott Schactler Says:

    fuckin awesome

  2. HTFU is what my brain screams at my body during 6am WODs!

  3. Lol it’s pretty much become our rally call girl

  4. Fucken Awesome

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