“Keeping it real…”

So this week we started our 3rd edition of our Caliber Strength Cycle at the gym. As usual I have some folks following it who find themselves out of state. Tim “BeastMode” Preston is currently the sole representative of our North Carolina chapter. Tim is one of the old school BarBell Club revival members. Whats that mean exactly? Just that BeastMode was one of the original members of what ended up being Old Country Barbell.

Anyways, Tim has been coming and going between Carolina and Seattle for most of the year now. He was able to be part of our last CC and he’s making a run at keeping up with this one from a far. I have done this with athletes before so it’s nothing new to me really. The texts about stuff like…

What can I sub for this?”

“How far does ”around the block” stand for?”

Then I got one that really caught my idea today.

“How heavy are the sandbags you have, and how can I make one?”

This instantly took me back to all kinds of stuff, most of it was really about “Keeping it real”. What’s that mean exactly? It takes me back to the times before I ran a gym, back when you did workouts in the park, or in your carport, or smelly garage, pretty much anywhere. Most of the (at least in my case) you were also broke.

What sucks about being broke? Well when your trying to be a well balanced athlete and follow an online based program that calls for a lot fancy equipment it means two things; you’re fucked or adapt and overcome. Well I don’t like getting fucked unless it’s my choice so I decided to adapt and overcome.

Club member Skylar Pond just had a blog post actually dealing with his favorite old medball that is definitely worth a look http://skylarpond.blogspot.com/2010/08/garage-gym-make-your-own-medicine-ball.html. Personally my medball had less tape and was a gift from a friend, it was just a basketball full of sand that was packed tight like cement. Try doing fucken Karen with that shit. My neighbors old planters became my boxes for jumping. I had a really weird mix of kilo and AMERICAN weight bumper plates all from an old high school’s power lifting team, more medal than I knew what to do with, and a sweet ass pullup bar setup.

This is the story of tons of Crossfitters. You don’t need a fancy gym to get fit. Towels and name brand water don’t make a gym. Hard work, good friends, and more than occasionally some beers do. Even at the elite level you can find athletes who train outside of what many consider the norm. Blair Morrison, of Anywhere Fit, burst onto the scene at last years Crossfit Games and rocked it. I started following Blairs workouts online after that. Blair had left to go study abroad in Europe and had no reliable gym. Blair definitely kept it real trying to find ways to keep his Crossfiting up to snuff.

Our very own little Cowgirl Roo took it upon herself to get down with some old school training on her last vacation. Second week of a intense training cycle, outta town, no expensive slamball to use. She figured fuck it, rock slams will do. I would have paid to see that. I’m sure there are plenty of you that got great Old Country Strong substitutions you can post about. I’m sure Johnny’s dad made him build an acre long stone wall from the time he was a wee child. Then Gogo told me the other day she wanted to buy a calf to start picking up every day like Milo (extra points for whoever can tell me who that is).

Bottom line is fancy is almost always the enemy of functional. And last I checked Crossfit is supposed to be functional fitness. Anyways, now to Tims question. An easy way, as I texted you, is to triple up some garbage bags, duct tape that up, then take that and stick in an old gym bag or pillow/couch cushion and duct tape that bitch as well. The bags we use here at the gym aren’t as ghetto as that, they’re just cheap ones from a militar surplus store. Do as you like, once you got your bag ditch the gym hit the bitch and try something like this.

to bad summers over…

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  1. CALLING OCBC MEMBERS et al !!!!

    Get on 70sBIG.com & scroll down the pics to pic#8 and vote for best 70’s BIG face!



  2. #8
    Jake The Viking is ahead.
    If we don’t represent and bring this home there will be severe repercussions. Get on a vote!!!

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