“Staring defense! Place at the table!”

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new addition to the OCS syllabus. Our crack staff of OCBC members are constantly poring though movies and books to find the true essense of what it Old Country Strong means. Today one of the newest members of the OCBC has given us a gem. Iceman’s selection is “The Program”,  the classic college football movie.

How awesome is this movie. My older brother took me when I was a little kid to see this movie in the theatres before they took out the controversial lying in the middle of the road scene. He also watched this movie before every game. Both true stories. Whethere it be the tragic story of Mack or Lattimer or Joe Kain is Able, this movie tugs at the heart strings (it also one of the most realistic college football movies ever made).

And don’t forget this tidbit.

That’s what I’m talking about. If you agree quote the movie.

Posted by Nickay

4 Responses to ““Staring defense! Place at the table!””

  1. “Do you think we should tell coach about this?”
    “No, coach don’t want to know about this.”

  2. “Looks like somebody lost their BONNET BABY!!!”

  3. “Are you hurt or are you injured?”


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