“You break my record, now I break you, like I break your friend…”

This is the story of the brewing storm on the horizon. Much like in Twister when those tornadoes decided to get all up inside each other and become a super tornado of destruction, this chain of events is leading to the the destructive wave I just like to call Rampage. This is the Story of Johnny “The Vanilla Gorilla” Winters and Tim “BeastMode” Preston.

As anyone familiar with this site knows, we are now in the 2nd week of our CC strength program. Athletes ranging from competitive Crossfitters, Pan Am champion hopefuls, fighters, and those that just like to push Iron are participating in this edition of the CC. This time I even started a Training Log for my athletes to help me track how they are holding up and answer any questions they may have for me if I’m not available. One of my rules for this log was to keep it friendly, meaning as “non-competitive as possible.” My reasoning behind this was to keep the intensity in class as high as possible and the team feeling outside the gym just as high. It has been working great. But what if the Yin to your Yang that was suppose to be your drive under the bar or in a workout was out of state?

This is when the storm starts brewing. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Tim, “BeastMode” as we call him, is following the program from a far. Johnny, a Senior Silverback (and known for throwing hay over his head), lives down the street and doesn’t miss lift days. During this last cycle, Tim underwent a brief stint of insanity and went into a “leaning phase.” This affected his lift during that time and delayed the storm. Well Tim is back to protein shakes and malt liquor (shit, he’s from West Seattle) and his weights are back through the roof. And he’s looking to dethrone Johnny from his Iron Throne atop the mountain of badassery. Lets look at some of these titans’ stats.


Deadlift: 565

Squat:  465


Squat: 505

Front Squat: 375

Split Jerk: 325

These are just a couple of stats for these athletes. But as you may know, we are not just a straight lifting gym. We run a heavy Crossfit style program with an emphasis on Kettlebell conditioning. Johnny and Tim have produced these numbers on only two dedicated lift days a week, which to me speaks volumes to the raw strength they have. But in this Cycle, raw strength alone wasn’t going to push these athletes far enough. They needed each other… but how from hundreds of miles apart?

“This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object…”

This is documented banter between two entangled plow steers:

BeastMode: “John Winters I am coming for your ass!!!!”

Johnny:   “Big Tim! Do you hear that? That’s the sound of a Silverback chest beating. I’m coming for you baby!”

BeastMode: “Just a kiss on the lips for Johnny.”

Johnny: “Just some sweet nothings whispered in Tim’s ear.”

Now again, usually I don’t encourage this kind of tom foolery. But Johnny’s the big guy, and I’m a total push over for his antics. I can’t wait to see who comes out on top when the max squat comes at the end of this Cycle.

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One Response to “RAMPAGE….”

  1. Wow, this is awesome. Two great competitors, going head to head. I can’t explain just how I feel so I will let my good friend Richard Bobby explain it.

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