“Cowboy Up”

When Z first mentioned to me that something was Old Country Strong, I thought “What in the world does he mean?” I’m not gonna lie my thoughts did not go back to “the motherland” as he likes to put it, not back to vikings and barbaric ways of life, etc… No I reverted back to my routes, my country way of life, cow herding, goat tying (goat roping as Z likes to call it), barrel racing way life.

At the gym everyone uses HTFU. Growing up at the rodeos we used something similar, but a saying that was a little more acceptable to tell your children and more appropriate for us kids to say to each other… COWBOY UP

If you fell off your ride, if you got kicked by a steer, if you were sore from herding cattle all day, no one cared, no one wanted to hear you bitch and complain, most likely because they’re feeling the same pain… But whining was not acceptable, you are simply told to COWBOY UP… Suck your shit up and get back on your horse, get back on that bull, lace up your boots, pull your cowboy hat on tight and COWBOY UP.

This all leads me to a movie I think exemplifies HTFU in my own cowgirl way, 8 Seconds. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the movie its based on the life of a professional bullrider, one of, if not the best of his time, Lane Frost. Bullriders HTFU all the time, they’re constantly bucked off and get right back on the next go-round, sprains, bruises, broken bones and all, they climb down the chute onto the back of the beast and with a nod of the head start their hope of an 8 second ride all over again. This clip from the moving is a prime example of HTFU, or as I like to put it Cowboy Up.

Posted By: Roo “8 Seconds”

9 Responses to ““Cowboy Up””

  1. Ah yes some of Luke Perry’s best work. A close second behind another OCBC classic series called 90210.

    • And don’t forget that he also posted amazing work in the original movie, Buffy the Vampire Slayer staring Kristy Swanson, Reutger Haeur, Pee Wee Herman, Donald Sutherland, and David Arquette.

  2. I think this was the only time Roo ever got excited to show me a movie clip. “Wait for it, wait for it, he’s gonna say it, here it comes, oh shit there it was, did ya hear it, did ya hear it?”

    Great post girl

  3. Haha it wasn’t quite like that, but thanks z

  4. ricepaddielegs Says:

    AWESOME POST. we need to get some pics of your belt buckles up!!
    aaaaaand maybe have a fam viewing of 8 seconds.

  5. All this Cowboy Up talk reminds me of how much I love C&W music:

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