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“Can he swim? With a name like Rock.”

Posted in Lifestyle on September 23, 2010 by oldcountrystrong

On the fab site 70s Big (I recommend looking at for chuckles and great insight on heavy training be it powerlifting or Olympic lifting) today for a random video they had what they posted what they stated is the mother of all training montages, the training montage from Rocky 3.

After watching this montage for like the 1,597th time in life I wondered, is this the true mother of all training montages. I have my own personal choice (complete with spanish subtitles for our audience south of the border).

But this is just my opinion man. So as we live in a democracy I say we put it to a vote. Place in comment your choice for best training montage of all time with video if not already done so. Lets get ‘er done!

Posted by Nickay