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“It came from the North….”

Posted in Athletes on September 28, 2010 by oldcountrystrong

We’ve grown again, it happens from time to time. It will seem like the Club has no interest in taking on any more weight then before you know it our numbers swell. Lately we’ve seen Scotty come on board, Emily Kent finally got in (breaking the no spouse rule) for her breeding of miniature vikings. Then you have Carrie Winecoff who was such a long time coming it seems you start to wonder how does this thing work?

Well the Club by nature is Chaotic that’s what we love about Old Country Barbell. And chaos is fair, over the last weekend the Club grew yet again. Sarah Horner finally had Silverback approval to join the ranks. In honesty Sarah is bad ass. She can run like the wind (she ran at Texas A&M), and can’t get enough squats. She’s alway grilling me when the next strength cycle will start. Her induction into the Club shouldn’t catch many by surprise.

So in honor of our little speedster I’ll post this series on Canadian strongman Hugo Girad , they might be America junior but they give us some good athletes. Yeah Sarah that includes you.

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