“Women wanted him and men wanted to be like him”

On the heels of an impressive win by the UW over USC this week I decided it was time to step in the time machine and talk about a former Husky player who has OCS written in his DNA, Steve Emtman.

Emtman hails from Cheney where he honed his strength on the farm bucking hay. When he started sports he fell in love because not only was it fun but it was break from bucking hay. Once he hit puberty he set up a weight room in the barn. All this hard work translated into  Emtman being all state as a nose guard and offensive tackle, 2 time state champion in the discus, and all league in basketball. Despite this, Emtman received only one offer from D-I school to play D-Line in the northwest, the UW. He did ok at the UW, 2 time Pac 10 defensive player of the year, winner of the Lombardi and Outland Trophy awards, 4th in the Heisman voting, a national title, and the becoming the first pick in the NFL draft. But hey that aint that good. For you youngbloods, imagine a white Ndamukong Suh, a sheer animal. Now I know his NFL career was not very good due to injuries, but that does not diminish the fact the man was a B E A S T !

Emtman always focused on becoming a better athelete. “If you want to be an athelete, get your fanny over to the squat rack and clean. I rather have a 700 squat than a 500 pound bench.” That sounds like my kind of guy. And while his natural atheletic ability was amazing (he was split power cleaning 315 in high school and by the time he college could hang power clean 360 for 4 reps) his dedication to training was just as amazing. He made increases on his PRs not in “AC” like jumps, but slow and steady 5 or 10 pounds increments. He added to his strength and speed day by day, week by week, year by year. He willed himself into what he became, a “white rhino”. While the OCS mascot is a gorilla, we can make room for a rhino.

Posted by Nickay

2 Responses to ““Women wanted him and men wanted to be like him””

  1. “I rather have a 700 squat than a 500 pound bench…” Fucking Rad

  2. Emtman was my hero as a kid, goddamn astro turf ruined his NFL career.

    Great post Nickay

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