“And they call the thing rodeo”

Roo recently posted an awesome article about cowboying up (if you haven’t read it just scroll on down). While cowboy up is not just restricted to the rodeo world, her post made me ponder, “Which of the OCBC other than Roo have actually cowboyed up?” So I asked the members of the OCBC in secrecy (alright via email) about their exploits. I have taken these exploits and placed them below but without identifying the member. This is a quiz, can you figure out who each said badass is? Put your guess in the comments and hopefully the member will treat us with their adventure if they are correctly guessed.

1. Rode a bucking bull.

2. Rode a bucking sheep.

3. A fellow roper like Roo, has broken horses and been around rodeos across the states from WA  to Texas and Oklahoma.

4. Barrell riding.

Remember to phrase your answer in the form of a question.

Note, no one had participated in cowboy poker seen below.

Posted by Nickay

17 Responses to ““And they call the thing rodeo””

  1. I can’t say about the rest but that Z strikes me as one who rides sheep. I’ll take Rode a Bucking Sheep for $400 Nickay: Who is Zach Filer?

    It’s the sort of thing that only goes down in 3rd World Countries such as Puyallup. Here’s a cut of my strapping offspring bustin mutton a couple weeks back.


    • DING DING DING! We have a winner. Yes Zach Filer, hardcore badass rode a bucking sheep at a rodeo in Washington, Iowa. Actually Sky your boy and Z rides looked very similar, except for the whole part where Z was hanging onto the side of the sheep for dear life.

  2. From the sweaty foreign land of Georgia, Margaux and I place money on….

    Roper not a doper = Ryan (Hollywood) Andrews

    Barrels fully loaded = Joey McCune

    • Close on one, far away on the other. We need a ruling…ok we will give you partial credit. Joey McCune did so much rodeoing that I am sure she did barrel racing also. Joey is the correct answer for 3. So the last two to be guessed are 1. Rode a bucking bull and 4. Barrell racing.

    • As for your Hollywood guess Z and Margauex, well it is wrong, just fracking wrong. This is what that response sounds like…

  3. nobullbodacious Says:

    #1. Who is Johnny “this ain’t my first rodeo” Winters?

  4. Do I get a prize for having done #2, 3 and 4? Technically I’ve never roped a horse at a rodeo, but I did grow up on a horse farm and trained horses for riding.

    Also my dad is good friends with Rob Smets so I think that gives me bonus points toward the rodeo thing.

  5. ricepaddielegs Says:

    this was long before my time, but ive seen some pretty amazing pictures and heard stories of the aquabarn. can’t believe i missed it, was before my era… shes pretty badass.

    • Correctamundo. Just for your knowledge we have more female rodeo participants in the gym than the guys. Our girls can beat up your girls.

  6. And for the record… It was Nickay that road that Bull. He got one good cowboy picture before face met dirt….

  7. ive done a few of these in my day. btw nickay i pounded that little tenderloin sandwhich for joensy’s in Iowa. i shoulda got the one with cheese and bacon on it ;/ it was goooooooood

  8. MamaFiler Says:

    Sadly, I know know at least two of these answers. Who gets mother of the year award for letting her inexperienced children in the rodeo ring at the county fair?

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