“Beast Mode”

My brother always says that the universe provides and this is no exception. Kids the word for the day is BEAST MODE!

Last week the Seattle Seahawks traded for Marshawn Lynch aka “Beast Mode” (not to be confused with our Beast Mode Timmy). Marshawn is originally from Oakland and stayed in the bay area to play his college ball. While at Cal he made a name for himself as a punishing runner, shifty receiver, and all around bad ass, truly a player Pac 10 fans did not try to convince to come back for senior year of college. He also gained the name beast mode by a coach due to the fact this jovial kid would flip the switch for games and become something else.

After several productive years in Buffalo, Beast Mode is now in the Emerald City. But Beast Mode is not just a great football player, he has other skills.

Gymnastics (this actually pretty impressive)

Driving (and to anyone who says this is not technically ghost riding remember this is an injury cart and to those who do not know what ghost riding is please feel dated and google it)

Schmoozing with the rich and famous

Between Marshawn’s grills and ghost riding escapades and Golden Tate’s donut plundering the Hawks look less like Seattle’s white knights and more like the old Miami Hurricanes,  modern day marauders. Definitely Old Country Strong. Please post something that captures the essence of Beast Mode. GHOST RIDE THE WHIP!

Posted by Nickay.

10 Responses to ““Beast Mode””

  1. Nickays right, The U was definitly BEASTMODE, Get To Know ME…

    • As a Husky fan the U holds a special place in my heart right next to Oregon and the French. But that being said 2 of my favorite defense players of this generation both played at the U, Ray Ray and Ed Reed. So maybe they ain’t so bad…no I still fucking hate them.

  2. How many athletes have their own rap song? I don’t know, but BEAST MODE does.

  3. Max Snatch Says:

    Marshaun would have stopped this truck and had a push-up pop too.

  4. I couldn’t help but share this one…


  5. The standing back tuck is very impressive as I once could do these.

    1. His flip axis is almost shoulder high

    2. He does it in the weight of full gear

    3. He doesn’t drop the ball

  6. you could just listen to the beat of those high bass from Rap songs, i just like rap songs -:;

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