“See that Look in their Eye Rock???”

As you all know I’m a huge fan of Crossfit Football and John Welbourn. John created as site some time ago called “Talk to me Johnny”.

Its intent was to answer questions that were bogging down the Football comment section. The content has grown past that since its creations. The other day it had what has become one of my new favorite articles.

It was called “Mecca of Power”, and it’s definitly worth reading.


That article gets me pumped. That’s how I want to train, those are the kind of places I want to train in, those are the kind of people I want to train with, what motivates you?

The Strength Shop which has a link on the right is another one of those locations in my mind. Train Hard, Party Hard….

Posted by: Z

3 Responses to ““See that Look in their Eye Rock???””

  1. Get Some…

  2. I wish you could get Yuengling out here.

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