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“Checkov? Well, this here’s McCoy. We find a Spock, we got us an away team.”

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Today we go over two seperate actions that were long overdue. First, we like to acknowledge James Bevan-Lee introduction into the Barbell Club. James is a young lad and currently at Coast Guard Training in New Jersey (which he almost failed due to the all muscle he gained in becoming a member of the club). Here is a picture of James getting “jacked” (its like getting “Iced” but only with a shot of Jack) into the club on Halloween in his nice cowboy zombie outfit.

Secondly, we have another addition to the Syallabus from young James, “The Boondock Saints”. The Boondocks Saints is just like “Gandhi” except for the fraternal twin brothers who believed they have been chosen by the Lord Almighty to smite evil doers. But there are several important things that you can learn from this movie to not understand what it is to be OCS but also to survive I don’t know a “cough” “cough” zombie acoaplyse.

1. Always have rope, Charles Bronson did.

2. Toliets can be an effective weapon in a pinch (be ready for serial crusher theories to run amok).

3.  Irons have many uses other than pressing closes.

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