“Building a Nation of Linebackers…”

Alvin Mack…

Number 56…
“Let the paramedics sort ’em out…”

The ESU linebacker that terrorized running and quarterbacks alike in the movie “The Program.” (Part of the OCS Syllabus)

Ray Lewis…

Number 52…
Baltimore head hunter that has run shit on the grid iron since his days at the U.

These were they guys that inspired me growing up. Yes the work ethic of the likes of Dan Gable and the Brands brothers drove me in the gym. But the intensity I drew upon to accomplish my goals came from guys like this. Guys like my old man. He calls it a “Linebacker’s Mentality,” and I guess he’s right.

We’re coming off a string of heart felt emotional posts. They could go on for weeks when I look at the comment sections. But it’s time to get back to what we do here and actually the root of these posts. Moving weight. Lifting iron with reckless abandon.

So when I received an email about what goes through your mind before a lift, I felt it was a good way to get back on track.

You ask every lifter, they have their own way to get there.
Music… Be it rock, rap, classical, hell I’ve heard some really weird shit played to get fired up before.
Gear… Lucky socks, certain belts, lifts, chucks, tape, shirts with holes in them, beanies and hats. You’ll see certain trends in lifters and those they lift with.
Atmosphere… A blasting stereo, bar dropping, metal clanging, chalk floating in the air. Or maybe not, maybe it’s quiet music, hat pulled low over the eyes. Maybe it’s early morning after a stiff cup of coffee. Maybe it’s night time with a single light on in the gym with no one there to tell you good job.

I’ve done all of these. Few things stay consistent in my lifts except one thing. INTENSITY…
I know people are different, some joke and laugh, some turn towards an internal storm, not everyone is like me. But this is how I approach my lifts.

It’s a fucking battle…
I always tell my athletes one thing. “Come ready to bang…”
I don’t care if you don’t have it that day. You’re not gonna PR every day. But you should come ready to bang.

Life is always throwing shit at us. Don’t bring it onto the platform. Fuck that. Let what’s out of control in your life fuel you: trouble at work, girlfriend, husband, bills, kids, not enough time in the day to stay sane. Your time with the iron is your time. Your time to take the shit you can’t control and harness it into something you can. Moven weight.

I kick, I spit, I bark (loudly), and I don’t care if people don’t understand why. I’m not lifting to make people understand me. I’m lifting to understand myself. I lift to know I’m fearless. I’m going under a bar and stepping out from a rack. I have hundreds upon hundreds of pounds on my back and I don’t give a shit. I tell gravity to kiss my ass and I drop below parallel.

It’s a dog fight. Five rep deadlifts, PR jerks, 20 rep max squats. You gotta be ready to bang. I choose to take everything out of control in my life and let it build a fire inside myself. I stoke it until I feel out of control. I’ve almost cried before lifts. I spit again, I stomp some more, I bark louder. I approach the bar. The fire feels hotter every time. I feel the steel, take a breath, and then…
I put the fire out. I know that all those things in my life don’t matter at this point because this is about me. I love to lift.

Get Some…

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9 Responses to ““Building a Nation of Linebackers…””

  1. “Yes, I get satisfaction out of hitting a guy and seeing him lie there a while.” Jack Lambert.

    I remember as a kid talking with my papa bear and asking him for his opinion as a former college linebacker who he thought the best linebacker ever was. His response was simply Jack Lambert. He said he wasn’t the biggest linebacker (at most weighed 220 while playing MLB), he wasn’t the fastest linebacker, and he for sure wasn’t the prettiest linebacker (seriously google a picture of the guy).

    So I asked the old man why he still thought Lambert was the best and his response was simply he was the meanest and toughest son of a bitch on the field and he wanted it more than the other guy. It was not enough he wanted to beat his opponent; he wanted to intimidate them so that they the next time they thought about running that power play, catching that shallow crossing route that they knew there were going to get hit hard.

    This is the linebacker mentality my dad taught us boys. My dad says you got two choices, you can be the hammer or you can be the nail. And it’s not an easy decision to be hammer. You got to want to hit that nail. You got to want to hit than nail even though you know its going to hurt, even though its going to be hard, even though you need to ditch your normal easy going personna. Why be the hammer? Because if not you are letting go of that edge you have over that opponent, you are making it an even playing field where your opponent has all the advantages.

    So for this Caliber Cycle flip that switch, get that linebacker mentality, be the fucking hammer. This shit ain’t easy, if you don’t have your intensity focused than you surrender an edge to the weight.

    P.S. Intensity means focused intensity, not go ape shit intensity. Never sacrifice form for intensity. There are several people in gym who are notorious for this, me included. You know who you are, that is all.

  2. TIME TO GET SOME!!!!!

  3. Max Snatch Says:

    I love that you silly bastards love the silly things that I love. Time to bang.

  4. Christmas done come early

  5. Excuse me. Could you please hand me a towel? I seemed to have HRNT myself.

  6. Goosebumps…so stoked.

  7. “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.”
    Revelations 6:8

    I’m not one to shout and make a lot of noise prior to my lift. I prefer to pace like a tiger in a cage or a shark in the water, turning completely inward to take myself to a place where the pain of the lift is like a drug I can’t get enough of. While I’m pacing I like to think myself the Pale Rider and Hell is coming with me. Love that shit!

  8. Just got the chills after reading that one. I love it!

  9. […] article: building a nation of linebackers.. […]

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