“You’ve never heard of Chaos theory???”

“Fight Club was the beginning, now it’s moved out of the basement, it’s called Project Mayhem…”

It’s that simple. It all has to start somewhere. It’s like the idea that a butterfly flaps it’s wings in Hong Kong and it causes a Tornado in Kansas. Where did it all start for you?

For me it’s easy to pinpoint. Tire flips in the drill yard, after that bicep curls were dead to me. My friend Sky once said something similar with his beginning, “I wonder if I can push my van up this alley…”

Where did your path in all of this start?

Was it in a basement power cleaning metal? Are you still in that basement? Have you ever tried to make a kettlebell out of rebar and a bowling ball (true story)? Maybe you’re just the only one in your gym that cares more about squats than muscleups. Here at Old Country we like to think of keeping strength training grass roots. Basements, fields, tracks, gyms  in warehouses with no heaters: it’s all what we like to consider Guerrilla Lifting.

Views on here are up 5 times from where they were a couple months ago and we wanna know where you guys (yes, you) are from. How do you train? Where do you train? Do you travel a lot? Do you have to bootleg workouts at strange gyms or have you ever done tabata rock slams ’cause it was all you had? Show us.

We’re starting a new category here on Old Country. We will be accepting picture submissions from readers from both in and out of the gym to put up on the site. Show us how you do your Guerrilla Lifting. It doesn’t have to be in a garage, it could be anywhere you get your swoll on. We’ll take some artistic liberties with it and post it along with a link to your gym, website, training log, or just give you a shout out.

Here is a teaser in case you were wonder what your picture could end up looking like:

E-mail your photos to oldcountrystrong@gmail.com.

Remember to include your name, location, a link to your gym/blog if you want it to appear with your photo. Feel free to send stories with your photo.

We’ll be regulary posting Guerrilla Lifting pictures of our athletes. This one was taken at our home gym during our third Caliber Cycle.


We’re currently in the third week of our fourth edition. Here is the recap of CC Fourth Edition week 2.
To see our program visit the OCS Training Log.

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6 Responses to ““You’ve never heard of Chaos theory???””

  1. Great video Roo. Next up we need a photo montage of everyones “lift face”. Looking forward to putting week three in the past.

  2. This summer we broke in… well the gate WAS open… to my highschool track and used the pull up bars and parallel bars (along with the stadium stairs and the track). It was great. I am quite sure those pull up bars hadn’t been pulled on in probably 10 years. Did an Angie one morning, 98% humidity and 85 degrees at 9am…. didn’t PR, but had a lovely time with that one.

  3. I never did anything like wrap cement blocks in razor wire and toilet paper soaked in gasoline, lit it on fire throw it on my back and run up hills, but I was the guy back at my first “Health Club” that got stink eyes from getting violent during lifts.

    Back in my meathead adolescence, my buddy and I got on a Cybergenics kick. For all you non meatheads and youngins, Cybergenics was an old skewl bodybuilder system which included a two hour VHS tape of the workouts, measuring charts, timetables for the supplements, literature on eating properly, blah blah blah. Basically, a big box of landfill material. The best part of the “system” was Cybergain, the protein powder. POW-DER Em, not CHOW-DER. Shit was like candy. I literally sprinkled a scoop on nearly EVERYTHING I ate. Cereal, ice cream, pancakes, Jell-O… I still to this day think that Cybergeneics folded due to their supplements containing crack. Anyway, their lifting philosophy was heavy weight, a few sets and everything to FAILURE!! Get under a bar, put on 85% of your 1RM and lift till you can’t pick your ass up off yer heels, then rack the weight and immediately do twenty squat jumps. Rinse and repeat. So picture a couple of high school meatheads in the deserted corner of the club, because squatting is bad for your knees, jumping around, grunting, yelling, farting, and basically disrupting the casual, I hope to get in shape for the 3K fun run next weekend atmosphere. This caused most folks to either glare like we didn’t know what we were doing, or turn up their Yanni or Zamfir (Master of the Pan Flute) on their cassette walkmans. It was awesome.

    Guerrilla lifting? More like guerrilla warfare…

  4. I used to find all kinds of ways to sneak a work out in on the job. I worked all kinds of different Blue Collar / Grunt jobs, so there was always something heavy around to push, pull or swing.

    One of my favorites was in high school. I used to clean a sheet metal shop after school and being 17 and all alone with warehouse full of steel, what kind’a trouble can I possibly get into? Some where along the way I dug up a 12 foot, 20lb chain that I decided would make the perfect jump rope. So everyday for months I would “jump chain” for as long as I could ’till my shoulders screamed. I don’t think ever got much of the job I was supposed to do done, but I wore out my leather work gloves swinging that boat anchor around and around. And as I type this, I’m thinking …. I’ve got to get me another chain. That thing built rock-star shoulders and kicked ass!

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