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“Enough talk!!!”

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“Yes! Let this be our final battle!” – Skeletor

Well all good things come in 3s, Lord of the Rings novels, Godfather movies, Amigos, Caballeros, Filer brothers, etc. So today we have reached the conclusion of our look into the science behind lifting. In part 1 we have looked into muscles fibers and part 2 we looked at  some of Z and Beastmode’s lift results to see if any of this science really does work. Now let us piece it all together…but lets look at one more lift HIGH REP SQUAT.

Remember the reason behind this article was the epic squat off between Tom Platz and Dr. Squat so lets look at some high rep squat numbers.

Our Guerrillas start with a max rep 335 squat test.

At 335 lbs Beastmode hits 14 reps
While Z digs in again to barely scrape by with 17 reps.

Impressive but the margin seemed to not give the satisfaction of the original squat off. So we turn to our Old Country Squat Combine aka 225 for max reps. There Beastmode throws up 30 reps, Z turns in 45 reps.

Again not quite the amazing result it that we saw from Platz and Dr.Squat. So what are we left with. Z throws down a new max, the Volume difference is set when Z climbs under 245 for 50 reps. This difference is more akin to the difference we saw between our two atheletes on the 1RM back squat. Also this result paired with 1RM is very similar to what occurred between Tom Platz and Dr. Squat.

So we have results in varying lifts from Z and Beastmode, what have can we deduce. Beastmode has the greater 1RM in back squat by a considerable margin. Going off of this result alone it appears that Beastmode has a greater propensity of Type IIb muscle fibers, the fibers used for the greatest explosion. This is not to say that Z does not have Type IIb fibers, just that it seems so far that Beastmode has more or built his up greater so far. This conclusion is strengthened by the next exercise we examined, the 500m row. A very tough sprint like distance on the erg and again Beastmode pulls ahead. The variable of weight does play a factor with this exercise result more so than the 1RM squat,  but still it appears that Beastmode has a greater propensity of Type IIb fibers than Z.

The overhead squat has a large discrepancy between our lab rats in favor of Z but more so than the other exercises done other variables such as shoulder flexibility and coordination could impact our final result. Because I am choosing to put this result to the side as a wild card exercise and maybe not the true indicators of muscle fiber breakdown.

Finally we took into account two more endurance based exercises, the 2k row and the volume squat. The 2k rows times are very close, again similar to the the 500m results. Something to remember also is that Z is the lighter athlete and won this exercise which is specifically impacted by weight. This tells us that Z’s muscles fibers are better accustomed to endurance based exercise than Beastmode. In particular it would appear that Z has a good deal of Type IIa fibers, that mix of fast and slow twitch which works best in intermediate events where power is needed over a period of time. That result is only further supported by looking at the volume squat numbers. This was not air squats they were doing, these were back squats with decent loads. Z came ahead of Beastmode by 3 in the 335 lift, a margin of victory similar to the 2k time trial.  At this time we could hypothesize that Z may have had a slighter greater propensity of Type IIa fibers B U T when you also look at the 225 and 245 rep marks by Z it is fair to say that he HAS more Type IIa fibers (or has trained the shit out of them).

So there it is, using some simple lift results we have gotten a basic framework of two athletes muscle fiber breakdown. I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much I had writing about this interesting topic. Remember, training can help alleviate muscle fibers discrepancies to allow you to reach your goals. If you are that runner who wants a massive squat do not give up. Just remember while slaving away with the iron that if you are having a hard time reaching that power clean goal, don’t blame the weight, blame your parents.

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