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“Our only Souvenirs are Bloody Knuckles and Broken Bones…”

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This picture submission actually came to me last Christmas.

The story went as such:


Christmas day…


Hey Mom, we still have the rack set up in the garage?”
“The rack?”
“Yeah the squat rack.”
“Yes, we still have those weights in the garage.”
“Cool, I gotta go SQUAT…”
“You have to what? It’s Christm…”
“Yeah Ma, but I gotta go squat…”
This was the story of Roo’s first Christmas while on a Linear Progession, Guerrilla Lifting…

Roo is actually the one behind all of our Old Country Barbell videos. Check out what we’re up to on the OCS Training Log, or just watch this video recap (by Roo) on week 3 of our fourth Caliber Cycle.

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