“Fra-gee-lay. That must be Italian”

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. I love the music, I love the gifts, I love poinsettias, I love Jesus, I love Santa Claus (hell we share the same name), hell I even love the inherent stress associated with Christmas in the Northwest. So in honor of my namesake I thought I should give back to OCS and the OCBC…but this first requires figuring out who has been naughty and who has been nice.

OCS: Interesting articles with good discussion, nice, working on a post in the wee hours of the morn with an angry Filipina next to me, naughty, advice on how to survive the rise of the zombies, nice.
GIFT: Another year of  helping out with the site.

Z: Loving brother, nice, great coach, nice, good friend, nice, terrible counter, naughty, awful speller, naughty.
GIFT: A pair of pants (if you have ever seen Z wear pants raise your hand).

Roo: Makes great videos, nice, good coach, nice, huge BSG fan, nice.
GIFT: A new shoulder to lift with.

Wes: Squats the house, nice, never argues with anyone, nice.
GIFT: A new pair of shorts to replace the ones he ripped front squatting.

Slab: Enthusiasm, nice, encyclopedia on all things meathead, nice.
GIFT: Xplode!.

Carrie: Southern accent, nice, missed week 4 of the current caliber cycle, naughty. VERDICT: Naughty.
GIFT: Wallballs.

Greybeard: In a current state of Awesomeness, nice, old timey, nice, telling off a d-bag in a random NY gym, nice.
GIFT: A new claw hammer.

The Chan Sisters: Helpful, nice, easy targets for jokes, nice.
GIFT: This clip.

Finally pursuant to popular demand it is my honor as the reigning food eating champ of the gym to present the first ever OCS EATING CHALLENGE. I ho-ho-ho hope you’re hungry. This is a milk and cookies challenge. Rules are simple, eat as many cookies and drink as much milk as you can in one hour. List what type of cookies you ate, if they are not a generic brand or home made you may want to take a picture so that accuracy on the amount you consume can be gauged.  I prefer Ms. Safeway cookies personally, she bought the recipe from Mama Filer. Super secret prize awaits the winner.

Posted by: Nickay

11 Responses to ““Fra-gee-lay. That must be Italian””

  1. I’m in Nickay. This will be a tough one to game out. What would sway the judges more? Polishing off the entire gallon of milk- not an easy 1 hour task, or cramming in a few extra cookies? I’ll just have to follow my heart and hope for the best. Good luck my friend.

  2. Serisously St. Nick? The only one on the naughty list? I reckon I could use a little practice with the wallball while I’m at it, but really I’m asking Santa for a deadlift.

  3. Great post St. Nick. Merry Christmas from snowy Indiana.

  4. I don’t know how I didn’t make either list, I must be outside the measurement parameters….

    Me likes milk and cookies. Can you smell what I’m cooking?

  5. Can I just automatically win. I eat cookies like there’s no tomorrow…that sick feeling people get when the eat too much-that feeling is broken on me.

  6. Nickay –

    You funny. I kill you last. 😉
    Merry Christmas!

  7. Max Snatch Says:

    I almost had it. Got greedy at the end. 2 thumb print cookies and NEARLY a gallon in 59 mins.

  8. SUCCESS! In the never ending battle of Man vs. Food, Man prevailed!

  9. Don’t forget to send in any stories of valor for the first ever OCS eating challenge.

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