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“There’s something out there waiting for us, and it ain’t no man…”

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Well another Christmas is in the books… presents, eating, drinking, and morning lifting with friends. How did you wrap up your weekend? If you’re like me then you woke up in the morning, caffeinated, went to the local Russian bathhouse (Banya 5), then wrapped up the whole weekend long event with watching the 2010 MET-rx World’s Strongest Man recap. This is like the World Cup minus the live coverage and more ear high traps than red cards.

I spent a lot of my time growing up watching the greats like Bill Kazmaier and Svend Karlsen in these events. So what better way to relax before kicking the week off than watching the recap with a friend and my parents (Yeah laugh it up). The event this year was held in Sun City, South Africa. And while an awesome showing from the Americans (including a second place finish) swells my chest with patriotic pride, I was most excited to watch my man Mikhail Koklyaev compete in his first World’s Strongest man.

This is usually when I say “if you don’t know the name then you should” (Well you should). But I realize there are still so many monsters in the iron game that get little press. So it hit me, much like the Discovery Channel has Shark Week, we need to celebrate the titans lurking in weight rooms around the globe.  So in OCS fashion we dedicate a special edition.

Old Country Strong Special Edition: BEAST Week…

And why not kick it off with a write up on the man that spawned it,

Mikhail Koklyaev

Height: 6’4

Weight: 350lbs

Country: Russia

Some of his accomplishments included being a 6x Russian weightlifting champion and taking 3rd place at this year World’s Strongest Man. But don’t let his first World’s Strongest Man appearance or that he has podiumed twice at the Arnold Classic in the Strongman event be his tale. Mikhail (or “Misha” as is his Russian nickname) is currently training in hopes of representing his country in Olympic lifting in the Summer Olympics. Instead of rattling off stats for this big behemoth, I’ve taken some highlights from his YouTube Channel for your enjoyment. 

Thumbs over? Thumbs under? Who cares?

Metal or Bumps? Who Cares?

No talent? I think not…

BEAST Week continues tomorrow with a look at up and coming weight lifting sensation Pat Mendes.

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