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“Time to rack it.”

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The four words spoken by Pat Mendes after he finished a 1 rep back squat of 800lbs with no knee wraps, no belt, so suit, only lifts and neoprene knee sleeves. Mendes is 20 years old and weighs 286lbs, he trains out of Average Broz Gym in Las Vegas under the tutelage of John Broz. At this gym they only perform 6 lifts: Clean and Jerk, Snatch, Power Clean, Power Snatch, Front and Back Squat. The lifters lift 2X per day everyday and once on Sunday, to say they practice a volume training method is an understatement. John Broz is a firm believer in the Bulgarian lifting method and has produced lifters like Pat using this method.

Strongest teenager in the world…

Below is a 20 point summation of Broz’s training philosophy:
1.He doesn’t believe in overtraining, only undertraining. Overtraining is part of the adaptation towards being awesomely strong. He refers to what others call overtraining as the “Dark Time” when your strength goes down and you feel like shit. To him, there’s light at the end of the tunnel, and when you start making PRs in a completely fatigued state, you know you’re getting somewhere.
2. He expects his gym to be a highly competitive gym on the world/Olympic level within the next 2-3 years.
3. Back squats are stupid easy, and if you need to do more work without taxing yourself to much, do back squats.
4. Back Squats are generally better than Front Squats. Front squats limiting factor is always the upper back, never the legs.
5. However, front squats carry over to the clean, yay. BS carry over to the snatch more.
6. Squatting heavy should be as easy and natural as walking.
7. Something will hurt. Always. And you’ll never know what it will be until you wake up in the morning.
8. If you’re tired, train. If you hurt, train. If you have free time, train. If you’re injured, go to the ER. If you’re not injured, train.
9. Work up to a max, back of 10-20kg and do 2’s or 3’s to get to 30-50 reps total for the workout. Percents are BS.
10. More volume = more adaptation. Train more.
11. He’s made over 50 attempts in a single workout before hitting a new PR.
12. There will never be a day when you walk in the gym and can’t lift the bar. If it’s one of those days, lift the bar… a lot.
13. Every time you train that’s a +. Every day you don’t train, that’s a -.
14. push press is better than press.
15. His lifters only do light presses, and only if their elbows hurt. Elbows don’t hurt, no more pressing.
16. Start out by training 3 times a week, maxing every workout. Add another day, until you’re up to 7, as soon as possible. Then work up to maxing every workout. Then add 2x/day.
17. Assistance work is overrated, unless you’re training the upper body, particularly with bench presses. In this case, do rows, pull ups, etc to stretch the front of your body and provide balance.
18. Don’t bench more than 3x/week. Limit deadlifting, the lower back recovers poorly.
19. If you get pinned by a snatch, you get laughed out of the gym. Or chained to the squat rack for a month.
20. Once you start training this way, you’re almost never sore.

“I’m so good.” The three words Pat Whispered after snatching 456lbs, the most weight snatched by a American Lifter in training or competition ever.

Time to rack it…

Big deadlift = big cleans…

You gotta clean it before you jerk it…

I’m so good…


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