“You Broke that Jaw…”

Keeping with Beast Week this Guerrilla Lifting picture submission comes from our very own Tim “BeastMode” Preston. Tim is a veteran of our strength program and he didn’t let the fact that he went back to college in Carolina stop him from training.

This was the picture message I received from Tim:

“No rings. So strung up these chains in the gym for dips.”

Guerrilla Lifting…

Speaking of  Beast week, week 4 recap of  our current Caliber Cycle is up and I’m proud of the Stable of Mutants we’re inbreeding here (does that sound bad?). CC Fourth Edition can be found on the OCS Training Log. Wendler Bulgarian splits squats anyones???

Posted By: Z

Check on Guerrilla Lifting submissions in the About section and let us see where you workout.


4 Responses to ““You Broke that Jaw…””

  1. The videos are nothing short of EP-tast-IC. Very inspiring. Makes me want to climb on a boat and sail to the nearest port town to pillage and destroy.

    On the subject of Guerrilla Lifting, I find it very difficult to believe marauders the likes of Greybeard and Grambo don’t have some legendary tail of bench pressing horse drawn carriages or playing tug-o-war with an ICBM… WTF?

    • Yeah and Greybeard is from the mid-west WTF? I expect storys of glory bird dogging chicks and lifting wagon wheels, Old Timey Style….

  2. Real conversation
    Z: Those are the chains Tim used back east for dips.
    Me: Awesome, heard bout that before.
    Z: He used those for his rings dips.
    Me: Yeah I heard they do that at Texas by hanging them around their necks.
    Z: They do that at Westside also but no he was hanging those to use for his dips not around his neck.
    Me: Oh. Silence. Ugh.

  3. Roo—I always look forward to watching your videos–you never disappoint! Great job! 🙂

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