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“Come on Rock, lets get Get out of Here and go to the Old Gym…”

Posted in Guerrilla Lifting on January 4, 2011 by oldcountrystrong

Today’s Guerrilla Lifting submission comes from our Friend Mike “Dr.tri” Ross.

“My buddy Jordan is done with gyms, or boxes, or whatever you want to call them…
He bought a shipping container.
He rented some space in a storage lot down in Ballard.
He filled it up with random heavy things.

He went down to 4th Ave S. and got a couple different size tires for pulling, pushing, etc.
He invited me and Ty down there from time to time.
He lost 110lbs just beating the shit out of heavy stuff and dragging around heavy objects….” Get Some, Guerrilla Lifting…

Lets not forget our week 5 Caliber Cycle update. Lights at the end of the tunnel guys. To see what the CC group is up to check out the OCS Training Log.

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