“Get Off Me!!!”

“The Hawks look less like Seattle’s white knights and more like the Old Miami Hurricanes,  modern day marauders. Definitely Old Country Strong.”

Nickay called Marshawn Lynch as Old Country Strong when we first picked him up. You can revisit the Article here “Beast Mode” or just watch this highlight from the Seahawks weekend playoff win.

Raw grown man strength, Get Some…

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6 Responses to ““Get Off Me!!!””

  1. Transcript of Marshawn’s run:
    Broken/missed tackle #1
    Marshawn: Hey Scott Shanle, not today.
    Broken/missed tackle #2
    Marshawn: Will Smith, like the actor right. Too slow, maybe you need to take some more StarCaps.
    Broken/missed tackles #3 and 4
    Marshawn: Oh shit, Darren Sharper. Dude I got your rookie trading card. Peace old timer, take Akin Ayodele with you to AARP meeting.
    Broken/missed tackle #5
    Marshawn: Alright this is getting on my nerves, you have to pay for this ride Jabari Greer.
    Broken/missed tackle #6
    Marshawn: Tracy Porter huh, Super Bowl hero huh, engage Beastmode… GET OFF ME!
    Broken/missed tackle #7
    Marshawn: Don’t worry about blocking Matty, Alex Brown couldn’t tackle me in his wet dreams.
    Broken/missed tackle #8
    Marshawn: Tracy Porter! Your want your ass to get embarrassed on national TV twice, fine. Ole motherfucker.
    Dive into the endzone
    Marshawn: I am so good.

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